A little rain and snow?

A little rain and snow?

Although some clear weather is possible in the next few days, the sun will be strong in our area for the next few days. We need to stay away from the more turbulent weather in C -te d’Azur. When Tramontaine is prudent, Mistral will attend randomly. After a break on Wednesday afternoon, he will return on Thursday morning before weakening again. In the sky, the spreading clouds will remain harmless overall and the sun will appear very beautiful. The temperature is rising, quite relative, and the maximum shade can exceed 18 degrees Celsius.

This more or less corresponds to the seasonal average. The feeling is very beautiful overall. In windless areas it is essential to watch out for the slightest chilly nights. As explained in our article yesterday, a cold drop at the end of the week will cause us to worry about establishing an eastern intercontinental flow.

Carte: Main weather

The first observation is that the establishment of this flow will continue to emit clean and cool air in our country. We are not in the same configuration that brought the devastating cold last week, but the temperature is likely to be below the seasonal average across the country. For our area, the weather will be temporarily milder over the weekend. Clear weather will increase during the day on Friday.

Rain is expected in the area between Friday afternoon and Saturday. Models are still at odds for the location and intensity of this rain. The collection should be small, usually less than 5 mm. Some areas can be checked for dryness. Snow will replace rain in our comforts (Loser, Espinous, Pyrenees) as there is cold air at high altitudes Here again, there is uncertainty about the height of the rain-snow limit. It needs to be updated.

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Map: Météociel

Saturday Clear weather Clear weather.

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