A leading astronomer confirms that an alien has visited us – various

A leading astronomer confirms that an alien has visited us - various

The discovery of an intelligent way of life outside our planet may be the greatest change in mankind. But what if scientists collectively decide to ignore the evidence that points to this?

Thus begins a new book by a leading astronomer, who argues that the simplest and best explanation for the unusual nature of an object that passed between our solar system in 2017 was a technology designed by an alien object. Euro News “.

Does this sound weird? Scientist AV Loeb says that the evidence shows otherwise, that he is convinced that his peers in the scientific community are immersed in collective thinking, and that they are not ready to adopt the principle of Okam Blade (a simple way of thinking, analysis, and conclusion without moving into complexities).

It is difficult to dismiss Loeb’s theory that he was the longtime head of astronomy at Harvard and published hundreds of groundbreaking papers and collaborated with great men such as the late Stephen Hawking.

“The idea that we are unique and special is illusory,” the scientist said in a video interview with AFP.

“The right approach is to be humble and say we are not special,” he said. “There are so many other cultures that need to be explored.”

A Nigu visitor

Lobe, 58, addresses his “alien creature” (Hawaii explorer) in his book “Extraterrestrial: The First Symbol Intelligent Life Beyond Earth”.

The facts are as follows:

In October 2017, astronomers noticed a very fast moving object that could only come from another star, the first recorded case of an interstellar intruder.

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It did not appear to be an ordinary rock, because after sunset around it, it accelerated from its expected path and was driven by a nigu force.

This can be easily explained by the fact that a comet emits gas and debris, but no clear evidence has been found for this “gas release”.

The traveler also descended strangely, according to the method used by scientists to make the telescopes shiny and dim, indicating that it was unusually bright, made of shiny metal.

To explain what happened, astronomers need to develop new theories that it is made of hydrogen ice and therefore has no visible effects or that it dissolves into dust.

“Um these ideas that came to explain Muwama’s features always included something we had never seen before,” Loeb said.

“If this is the direction we are taking, do not think it is of synthetic origin.”

Sailing in the light

It was not photographed during Muamma’s short stay as soon as he left the Solar System.

There are two types of shapes that match the observed features. Long and thin like a cigar or flat and round like a pancake.

Loeb argued that the simulations favored the second option, and that the object was intentionally built as a ship propelled by stellar radiation.

It was also amazing how the body moved, which made its passage even more awkward.

Before it collided with our Sun, um Muwama was “at rest” compared to neighboring stars, which is very rare.

Instead of thinking of it as a spacecraft floating in space, based on its shape, our solar system collided.

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“Perhaps um Muamuwa was like a booze lying in the vast expanse of the universe,” Loeb wrote.

Unify humanity

Loeb’s ideas conflicted with his peers. Astronomer Ethan Siegel described him at Forbes as “a once great scientist”, but he failed to convince his peers of his arguments and tried to convince the audience.

Lob opposes the academy’s “culture of intimidation” of punishing people who question traditional beliefs, and was punished when Galileo suggested that the earth was not the center of the universe.

Compared to the branch branches of theoretical physics, the search for dark matter or multiverses is a more meaningful path to pursue in the search for extraterrestrial existence, he added.

That’s why Lob is looking for a new branch of astronomy, “space archeology,” for the biological and technical signatures of extraterrestrial life.

“If we can find evidence of technologies that took millions of years to develop, we can find a shortcut to these technologies and use them on Earth,” Loeb spent his childhood in a farmhouse reading philosophy.

As humanity faces threats ranging from climate change to nuclear conflict, such a discovery could “give the impression that we are part of the same team”.

“Instead of fighting each other as countries often do, we may be able to cooperate,” he said.


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