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A group of people have filed a lawsuit against Apple for one billion pesos, alleging that the programming on the iPhone 6 is outdated.

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Apple is included one after the other Corruption associated with planned expiration A few years. Even Apple last March Users agreed to pay $ 500 million in damages After deliberately slowing down some older computers that received software updates to ‘protect components’.

But for Apple The proceedings are not over.

60 euros per team

Euroconsumers, An Italian consumer association Presented A class action case For 60 million euros, Which is approximately the same 1,400 million Mexican pesos. The reason is the same: teams iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S y 6S Plus The forced update affected this, forcing the owners to replace the batteries, according to the association. What they are asking for now is a Total compensation.

To say the least about EuroconsumersApple has apologized for the poor performance of some of the devices in that generation that received a mandatory update in 2014. A global campaign was launched to replace it Cheap batteries.

In the opinion of Euroconcerms, this was not a fair compensation, and now they are demanding an average of 60 Euros compensation per team. They claim to have been customersDisappointed“Suffered”Financial damageThey anticipate another lawsuit starting in Portugal in the coming weeks.

The company before Apple agreed to pay $ 500 million in damages last March Already had Entered Another $ 113 million in November 2019. Newer iPhone models also have battery settings, but now it is up to the user to activate it. A user You can now choose to continue using your iPhone with maximum performance Reboots are possible if the device has performance peaks that do not support battery.

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We have contacted Apple to get its place in this regard and we will update this text as soon as it is received.

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