A great opportunity to see Mercury, the most obscure planet in the Solar System

Se avecina una gran oportunidad para ver a Mercurio, el planeta más elusivo del sistema solar

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8 One 2022 02:16 GMT

The celestial body reaches its greatest length, i.e., the maximum distance from the sun to the dome of the earthly sky.

This week offers a great opportunity to observe Mercury, the smallest planet and closest to the Sun, and the most obscure in our system because it can only be detected in the evening and at certain times of the year.

This January 7 at 11:00 UTC the planet reaches its maximum length, i.e. the maximum distance from the Sun in the dome of the Earth’s sky, which will light up 19.2 degrees from the main star in our system. -0.6 luminosity, According to the portal Earth Sky. At that moment it will be brighter than Saturn, but not brighter than Jupiter at higher altitudes.

“[Mercurio] It’s not so noticeable, because we usually see it in the evening sky, wherever it is Compete with the brightness of evening or morning. It’s usually behind trees, buildings, hills and other obstacles near the western horizon, ”she explains from the center.

In case you can’t think of a smaller planet this Friday, it will be visible for a few days. During that time, Mercury and Saturn will move closer to each other, although there will be no merger. However, when the smaller planets fade, they approach the sunset horizon.

According to statistics, Wednesday Will disappear again Sight in the human eye by mid-January.

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