“A good opportunity to get out of the red zone”

"A good opportunity to get out of the red zone"

Soyaux-Angoulême may be hyper-motivated because if they are lost, it can be very difficult to find a repair …

“Yes, this season is a good opportunity to play repairs, get out of the red zone and put pressure on teams like Soyx-member Olim. Friday’s victory is very important. “

In the first quarter, it was not good for you, did you maintain that vengeful attitude?

“Of course it was tough in the first quarter. We didn’t play well, but I think we weren’t the same team. Since then we have made good progress. We are lucky to do our best with this second opportunity. “

Since Orilack, the mood seems to be as positive as your results …

“Yes it goes well, our mood is good throughout the season and the atmosphere in the group is good. We’ve been more impressive since the competition at Orilac. Every week, every game, shows that we are progressing and that we are strong. We must maintain the same situation this Friday. “

“We have to win, we have no choice.”

Does losing at Aix motivate you to find your way to success?

“We were disappointed last week because we didn’t play well in the first half. We are still under pressure. We have to win, we have no other choice. This loss puts us under pressure, but getting ready for this game is a good thing. “

The matches in this second half of the season are more important, especially at home …

“Yes, we need all possible points. At home this is very important to us on camera. You should always succeed at home. We did it well against Rune and Montauban, and we have to validate it. “

Can you ignore this context and these empty stadiums now?

“In the beginning it was difficult, it was weird, but it is the same for all teams. We wish there were supporters in the stadium, but now it remains so. It is important for us to create our atmosphere on the pitch that will not make a big difference against Angolim. “

“Don’t give up anything until the end of the season”

The third win in four matches will mark a very positive block this January… and the gap at the bottom of the table is very tight.

“It simply came to our notice then. We targeted this big block just before Christmas, and it’s important to get the second part of the season off to a great start. We are happy, but this Friday’s success is very important for our season. Don’t let us go until the end of the season, all matches will be stuck between teams. We need all the points, so we have to go and find them. “

Your goal is to get 5 points from this game, something you haven’t done yet this season?

“The most important thing is to win. After that, it is good to score 5 points, but Angolim is a very good team and it will be difficult to win. We are going to seek success, that is our goal. “

South African second-in-command John Adrian Greenwald arrived this week, how did you greet him?

“He arrived on Monday and trained with us on Wednesday. He does not speak French, so we, the foreigners, explain to him the initiatives and how we work in the club. The arrival of a player like him should do us good because he has experience and qualities. In touchdown, I think he will be a good option for us because he is tall, he jumps well, he is a touchdown leader. He also knows how to carry the ball. He told me he had a good game, so it’s good for the club. “

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