A German scientist warns of a catastrophe that threatens the planet and leads to an irreversible turning point

A German scientist warns of a catastrophe that threatens the planet and leads to an irreversible turning point

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The German scientist Marcus Rex, commander of the largest expedition to the Arctic Ocean to date, has warned of a catastrophe that could threaten the planet and lead to an irreversible turn as summer sea ice continues to decline as global warming increases.

Rex made the warning at a news conference Tuesday evening in the German capital, Berlin. He announced the preliminary results of his team’s 389-day expedition, which ended at the end of last October.

Rex’s expedition involved 300 scientists from 20 countries concerned with collecting scientific evidence on the impact of climate change on the Arctic Ocean.

“The disappearance of ice from the Arctic Ocean in the summer is a life-threatening mine on this planet, a breakthrough that humans began after temperatures rose to record highs,” Rex told a news conference.

Rex ressed that he feared that this drastic environmental change would create a “domino effect” on the rest of the planet, because the disappearance of sea ice is the “center of global warming”.

The mission monitored the Arctic atmosphere, oceans, sea ice and environmental conditions across four monitoring sites set up to collect 150 terabytes of data and more than a thousand ice samples.

The dangerous findings come after G7 leaders met in the English capital to approve tough measures to combat climate change, including shifting from coal-fired power plants and limiting global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

To achieve these goals, G7 members have pledged to stop funding new coal projects in developing countries and to provide up to $ 2.8 billion. It encourages them to refrain from using fuels that are harmful to the environment. Desire.

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Over time, the planet has undergone constant changes, leading to an increase in the planet’s average temperature, scientifically known as “global warming,” which casts dark shadows on the environment and humans.

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