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A French expatriate in Ireland asked 11 questions

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We regularly visit the pulse of the French community in Ireland to share with us their experience on the Emerald Islands.

So we asked 11 questions Claudie Residents of Ireland from September 2019

1- Who are you ?!

Claudie: I arrived in Ireland with my husband in September 2019 because I got an employment contract for 2 years. I am a laboratory researcher at Beaumont Hospital (Dublin 9) working on cystic fibrosis.

2 – What motivated you to leave France?

As part of my job and my long career, an experience abroad adds more value to the CV. After earning my doctorate, I started looking for a post-doctoral contract abroad, and it took me 1 year to find it.

3 – Why did you choose Ireland?

I have always wanted to visit Ireland, but did not consider staying there at first. When I looked for offers and saw that a job was available in Ireland, I did not hesitate too long, I recommend today!

Claudie in Belfast

4 – What do you like most about your expatriate in Ireland … the least?

Most : Improving the English language, Irish culture, Irish friendliness and hospitality, mutual assistance and common sense, magnificent landscapes, pub atmosphere, Irish music.

Less : Separation from family and friends, difficulties in making lasting contact (with French or foreigners), health conditions that control us in our travels and discovery of country, and finally sometimes capricious weather.

5 – What is the biggest change compared to France?

I would say that what affected me the most when I arrived in Ireland was the relative ease of administrative procedures compared to France. Very little to report, a centralized system, even if at first you are not so comfortable with English, it is very well explained and easy to understand!

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6 – What have you lost the most since your exile in Ireland?

I have found that in Ireland we are very good and can always find good alternatives but I sometimes miss some typical French food products!

7 – What is your experience learning English? (Is it complicated? Is it easy?)

When I arrived in Ireland I spoke a decent English and I had no much trouble improving my vocabulary. The first month I first noticed the familiar Irish accents and twists of the sentence, after the adaptation phase, the spoken English came faster!

(Editor’s note: See our article on the features of English spoken in Ireland: Do you speak Irish English?)

Pravasi also allows you to achieve less liberation

8 – What is your favorite food in Ireland?

I love Galway oysters, seafood churder and Irish stew but none of the pubs affect a good burger! After all, if you make your own Irish stew, don’t forget the Guinness!

Irish stew
Irish stew


9 – What did you learn from this international move? (In general or by yourself!)

I had more time to understand what was really important to me, and it allowed me to incorporate it from a lot of perspectives. For example, when we face difficulties, we tell ourselves that we have no choice but to deal with it, even in a foreign language. So I would say that the expatriate allows you to achieve a little more liberation and gradually gain your autonomy.

10 – A good story to tell about your expatriate?

Before being jailed in March 2020, during a rugby match for the France team in the 6 Nations tournament, we were in a pub to support the Blues. There were very few Frenchmen, and many of us were not happy when France scored. But we had never heard of a French couple sitting down, joined us, and we got to know each other. That same day they arrived in Dublin, which was their first shooting in the city. The match ended with the victory of France and on our part we ended our evening by improving a puff meal with these 2 French people. Although we are far from thinking about what will happen to us in a few weeks, one good moment, it did us good!

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11 – Do you have any specific advice for a French person considering immigrating to Ireland?

If you want to immigrate for a long time, I would say you need an accurate idea of ​​what you are looking for in a job. It is necessary to already have perspectives on certain areas of employment, perhaps even a few companies that have already been selected. If you already have a contract, a promise or a job interview (ha housing, bank, etc.) the procedures can help a lot!

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