A French company launches a home PCR test

A French company launches a home PCR test

Less aggressive than the classic sample method, the PCR suggested by Eurofins is about to launch in Europe. These screening kits would not be available from his home without saliva.

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“Try, Alert, Protect” This is the strategy adopted by the government in response to the resurgence of the epidemic in the French territory. PCR testing in a laboratory or pharmacy has become the norm when coronavirus is detected in patients. But while this training is effective, it has some drawbacks. First, because it is absolutely uncomfortable and, above all, unsuitable for all patients. This is especially true for young children, the elderly, and people with severe changes in the nasal septum. To allow the virus to be easily detected, a Nantes company developed one Home screening kit. Delivered directly to the patient, it contains a small amount of saline solution, which is needed Chew for 5 to 10 seconds. The user must spit the liquid into a separate tube and place the sample in a cover. It will collect a carrier the next day. Eurofins says the results will be available online 24 hours after receiving the package.

If this is already FDA approved in the United States, this is a test method Nonviolent Regulatory approvals are yet to be marketed in Europe. In a press release, relayed LCI, The company explains Regulatory permission will be sought to conduct similar experiments in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries. “ Eurofins believes it ‚ÄúThis product can significantly extend access to testing. “ This European version of the experiment is already available online in Germany and is being sold 79 Euros. In the United States, Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance pay for the test. However, there is no indication as to whether Social Security in France will be part of the retaliation experiment. They claim that these tests can find out Virus mutation Observed in the UK. This would give European national health authorities access to a portion of its sequencing capacity that does not recognize this new difficulty.

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