A farmer removes a stone and extends the Belgian border to the destruction of France

A farmer removes a stone and extends the Belgian border to the destruction of France

A Belgian farmer was working the land when he decided to move a stone on the edge of his field because it was in the path of his tractor. The problem is that it was not just a stone, but a stone that marked the border between Belgium and France. In this way, man unknowingly magnified the territory of his people to the detriment of his neighbor. As said French Channel TF1 It was discovered by a historic buffalo while walking through the woods on the Franco-Belgian border in the French community of Bous Signis-Sir-Rock, northeast of the hexagon. The boundary stone was laid in 1819, a few years after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo, when the boundary between France and present-day Belgium was first defined, and the Treaty of Cortridge was then officially declared.

Rally VelonekThe mayor of the French town of Bous Signis-sur-Rock explained that the farmer “fenced in the trees of the Bous Signis forest.” We do not want to develop a city or a country. The farmer made Belgium bigger and France smaller. Not a good idea, ”the mayor told the French TV channel TF1 David LaVox, The mayor of the Belgian village of Erquelins, explained that the farmer would have to move the stone back because of criminal charges. Even the case may end up on the desk of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which must convene the Franco-Belgian Border Commission, an organization that has been inactive since the 1930s. But the man said, “If he has good will, he has no problems, we will solve them,” Lavox promised with a smile on TV. We hope to be able to, ”said Bossignes-Sir-Rock Mayor Velonek jokingly.

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