A drone to disrupt SU agent training

A drone to disrupt SU agent training

An investment that complements a device including a fixed camera behind the basket stand and GPS behind the players to analyze training. “In addition to the side cameras, the drone offers us a panoramic view to see movements and position changes”, rejoices manager Bernard Gouta. “Because we are 20-25 meters off the ground, the drone is not important for details like clearing,” explains Elliott Corcoran. But in 15-on-15 positions, it’s important to see the spaces, work the defense, see the movement and lines of the run. »

“I feel the players”

Vincent Fare’s partners will have to use this “new eye” to study their performance. Elliott Corcoran uploads footage recorded in 4K after practice – “Takes 28 minutes to convert! – Before making a montage that staff and players can consult not only on their mobile phones but also on computers and tablets through the Hudl application. “With a fixed camera, it’s faster, I’m cutting live and the images are already on the staff’s computers when training is over,” warns one who worked with the Ireland U19 and U20 teams at the Munster training center last season. .

But beyond the wide view of the entire field, Dron sees another advantage as anyone who played as an opener, center or back in his youth now has a physical pillar: “With a fixed camera, I followed the training from my office. There, I feel the players better, I listen to them, I can hear what the coach is saying to them. .It’s easy for me to work later.A drone of life for those who “think pictures like a coach” but don’t see themselves giving training speeches.

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If he doesn’t have the power to film matches with his drone, he has enough work with fixed cameras. “I need five to seven hours to dissect a match, add details about the team and do individual analyses,” warns the Irishman, who offers to project pictures in the locker room at halftime to Bernard Guetta. Matches specific points.

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