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A dream castle in Ireland transformed into a luxury hotel – Idealist / News

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Located in the province of Connach in western Ireland Ashford Castle It has a history of 800 years, the last of which is dedicated to hosting a 5 star hotel. It covers an area of ​​more than 140 hectares and is surrounded by forests, lakes, rivers and mountains.

The fort has 83 rooms, 19 of which have been temporarily closed since the crisis, but are expected to reopen by mid-July. For up to 500 euros a night, you can enjoy all that luxury and entertainment. It has a billiard room, a large basement, a 32-seat private cinema, a gym and a luxury spa. It also offers a falconry club, horseback riding, golf and fishing.

In recent years, the castle has welcomed the president’s families of Kennedy and Reagan, as well as many dignitaries, including actor Brad Pitt, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, actress and singer Barbara Straysand, or writer Oscar Wilde. And the protagonist of other films. The film is based on the Oscar-winning “A Quiet Man” estate by director John Ford and the nearby village of Kong.

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