A distracting guard infiltrates the president’s base

Joe Biden descendant de l’avion présidentiel Air Force One.

The U.S. Air Force’s internal investigation revealed Thursday that the president of the Air Force last month was a guard who deviated from personal issues that allowed an intruder into the military base where the plane was located.

The unidentified man spent more than five hours at the Andrews military base near Washington, boarding an official official plane but was not arrested. U.S. Air Force Inspector General Sami Syed told reporters he was wearing a funny hat. An investigation into the incident, which took place on February 4, found a network of errors after the initial break. American Air Force One, especially the President’s Air Force One, is stationed at Andrews Station, which welcomes foreigners visiting Washington. So security measures are particularly strict, and guards who check the identity of each person filter the entries. But that day, a guard who said to himself, “ Distracted by personal issues “The inspector general said he did not check the papers of the person who got in the car at one of the entrances to the base reserved for staff. The person drove around the base by car and then on foot for hours before ending at the terminal, which is reserved for distinguished visitors. When asked what was being done there, he went and walked to the tarmac, which should be protected by wire mesh doors.

But exactly that day, he was thrown into the opening because a door did not close properly. He then drove to Tarmac for the C-40, the military version of the Boeing 737. They did not ask him any questions, thinking that he was an authorized person. He remained aboard the ship for a few minutes before leaving. He was arrested while getting off the plane. A man wearing a pink hat was found walking suspiciously wearing a pompom on the bottom. His actions could not be established for hours, the inspector general said. 100% That person could never approach Air Force One. “ Physically, it was a long way off, but after all, it was impossible for them to pass the security checks that this person had to go through before approaching the President’s plane. “, He assures. “ This area is unusually safe “He is on trial for entering the base illegally without any aggressive intentions.

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