A difficult geo-political background will influence the journey in 2021

A difficult geo-political background will influence the journey in 2021
Europe will be a major destination for business in 2021 (photo of Gent’s city center in Belgium)

If Kovid-19 had seriously tarnished the idea of ​​a pandemic globalized world, it would have reconstructed the flow of traffic across the planet. Changes that are sure to redraw the business travel map in 2021.

2020 will contribute Most country borders are closed Around the world, thereby redistributing traffic flows. We see it All parts of the planet are barricaded. In 2020, European passenger radars disappeared Asia-Pacific or America.

Accordingly ‘World Tourism Organization UNWTO-OMT, The Asia-Pacific continent actually experienced the strongest controls. There will be a further decline in international tourism in the region 82% In the first ten months of 2020. A figure to be compared with the limited drop in the number of arrivals Europe And inside Americas. She will arrive 69% With the first 68% For seconds.

According to the UN, by 2020 it will return to a level comparable to international tourism 1990. LDisappearance of one billion international visitors. The loss of tourist revenue is estimated at $ 1,100 billion!

Freedom to travel in Europe

UNWTO-OMTEurope was part of the world with the greatest freedom of movement. EspeciallySchoenchen area, Except for a few countries. For example, Denmark, Finland and Ireland adhere to strict access control protocols throughout the year. However UNWTO-OMT noticed it 91% of European destinations were fully or partially accessible For foreign travelers last November.

This rearrangement of the movements of people across the planet is naturally a Geo-political redistribution. For example, if China had influence in the rest of Asia – with the exception of Korea and Japan, Europe would have moved away from the Asian giant. China has criticized Europe for its lack of transparency and its aggressive diplomacy in the wake of the crisis.

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Trans-Atlantic trade also collapsed. And not just because Europeans were almost banned from entering Canada and the United States. Europeans think it is irrational because of the Trump administration. Presidential rule in 2020 will not end the heat and cold.

So the Europeans naturally turned to Europe. The European Union actually took advantage of the pandemic to strengthen its political position.

Politics shows that the reopening of the Schengen area in the summer of 2020, with EU members receiving 100 100 billion in funding or a joint purchase of vaccines, could add to the burden on the European financial institution. If the departure of the United Kingdom marginalizes this country for a short time in Europe, it will in fact strengthen the unity of the European Union.

We can expect in 2021 that these events will still depend on the economic relationship of the planet. With the vaccine, the borders of the European Union will reopen very quickly. Members of the European Union have already experienced the first opening in the summer of 2020. Inter-European trade should be strengthened.

Expectations of trips to the United States and the Middle East

The arrival of a new administration United States With President Elu Joe Biden Will translate to More calm Transportation is gradually resuming across the North Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean islands, which are heavily dependent on tourism, have already partially reopened to international travelers.

Exchanges middle East– especially to the Gulf – will resume soon. Definitely support them Practicality of regional leaders. They know how much their destinations depend on trade and financial transactions with other parts of the world.

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Since the end of last year, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar have gradually reopened to international travelers.

In Asia, The European Union and China finally signed a major trade agreement by the end of 2020. It should mitigate the tensions that will arise in 2020 to some extent.

And yet Asia-Europe relations will remain a feature of great uncertainty in 2021. The behavior of governments in the Far East is cautious in the event of a rapid reopening. Some in the Pandemic have seen the opportunity to undermine a foreign influence that they consider to be detrimental to their population. Europe-Asia relations will be strengthened again but this will take time.

In general, theUNWTO-OMT A list Recovery recovery from the second half of 2021. But the international demand for travel will take time to regain its pre-Kovid status. UNWTO-OMT gives him two to three years to recover.

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