A defunct Soviet satellite and a Chinese rocket booster collide in space

A defunct Soviet satellite and a Chinese rocket booster collide in space

For some time this week, it looks like the orbit around Earth could be impacted between two space junks that could be harmful to other moons. The two space junks include a defunct Soviet satellite and an abandoned Chinese booster rocket. The two were on their way to each other on Thursday night.

Leo Labs, a private space tracking company, uses ground-based radar to track Space objects A collision of 10 percent or more was predicted. The CEO of the company said that although the possibility of a collision is high, the situation is not unusual. The U.S. military had predicted that the objects would collide with zero.

The military estimates are based on data from the world’s largest radar and telescope network. Moriba Ja, a scientist at the University of Texas at Austin, is trying to raise public awareness about the abundance of space junk orbiting the planet. He says there is a constant risk of collisions, and that this latest experiment is the latest evidence of the need for an international effort to track space junk.

Ja says his data show that there are dozens of collisions at any given moment. He said the defunct satellite and rocket booster were expected to come within 72 meters of each other. However, he could not determine whether objects would collide until the event was over.

Leo Labs CEO said the company wants to raise public awareness about the event because both objects are large and in relatively clean orbit compared to nearby ones. The company also wants to raise public awareness of the space debris problem. More than once a week, the moons fall within 100 meters.

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