A concession on wearing a mask, not a sanitary pass

A concession on wearing a mask, not a sanitary pass

At the end of the Health Prevention Council on September 22, government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced exemptions from wearing masks in some departments where the Kovid-19 epidemic was slowing down.

On September 22 a health prevention council was held. At the end of the second, Gabriel Atal spoke, To announce a change in health regulations.

Establishing a local health pass (restrictions with concessions, or vice versa, depending on the epidemic situation in each area) was mentioned at the beginning of the week. However, the epidemic in France has slowed as immunization progresses, but it has not been announced today.

As mentioned Ministry of Health and Solidarity on TwitterAs of Sept. 21, 50,151,392 people had received the first vaccination, and 47,752,252 now had the full vaccination schedule.

Mask wear will be reduced in schools in departments below 50. // Source: Pixels

End of wearing a mask in primary schools in some departments

By Oct. 4, the school will be upgraded to Protocol Level 1, with departments occurring below 50 per 100,000 residents. This means that students in primary schools in these areas no longer have to wear it Cover face.

A decision justified by Gabriel Attle, who said wearing a mask for children was a gesture. ” Far from trivial .. However, this measure is not unanimous in the medical community.

Attendance gauges, which are mandatory for certain institutions open to the public, will also be removed in departments less than 50.

Exemption from health pass is still under study

About Health pass, The question of a localization of the device is still listed. Gabriel Atel confirmed that the device required standards to match the Emmanuel Macron vaccination rate and incidence.

A Bill allowing for simultaneous extension of health pass It is under consideration beyond November 15 and should be presented to the Cabinet on October 13.

What does a health pass contain?

As a reminder, a health pass is a general term that can refer to three different documents. To get a valid pass, you must present:

  • Kovid immunization certificate in the form of a QR code, One of the 4 vaccines approved by the European UnionBioNTech and Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen);
  • Either negative covid test Recent (less than 48 hours for “Activity Health Pass” and maximum 72 hours for “Travel” health control);
  • Either a Covid Restoration Certificate (This shows that you had covid 6 months ago and therefore you still have antibodies to defend yourself).

You can combine them very easily by following The steps we describe here.

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