A cold snap in the east of the country, breaking power consumption records

A cold snap in the east of the country, breaking power consumption records

One reason for this cold snap Complete record of Quebec power consumption, With 39,900 MW Used Mardi.

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Tuesday, January 11 Freezing temperatures in eastern Canada, including Quebec. In Montreal, Mercury dropped to -24.9 രാവിലെ C in the morning, emptying streets and parks, leaving athletes busy regardless of the weather.

Environmental Canada has issued extreme temperature warnings for several areas in the east of the country, including Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador. “It’s not unusual, but the cold is not very common.”, Explains Canadian ecologist Simon LeGolt, in whose opinion Quebeckers “Not really used to the cold anymore”.

This cold snap set an all-time record for Quebec power consumption on Tuesday, using 39,900 megawatts. As on January 22, 2014, 39,031 MW of consumption was recorded. “This is the highest consumption period in the history of Hydro-Quebec”Quendriz Bouchard, a spokeswoman for the Quebec State Corporation, said.

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