A Clover XV “under construction, with nothing to lose against Blue”

A Clover XV "under construction, with nothing to lose against Blue"

Failures of the XV of Clover in Dublin are rare. Yet this is what Welsh gave the team at the opening of the Sixes Nations tournament last weekend. Clinging to the back of England and France facing Toulouse on Saturday 2nd April is a misstep that seems surprising to a team we have often seen. That’s not the case. The fall of this routine on the podiums may seem heavy, yet it is a logical continuation of the last difficult months. “Ireland is a team in reconstruction that does not have collective standards“, Analyzes Mary Sempere, Consultant, Televisions, France.

“The Ireland did not qualify for the last World Cup, where they lost to the Scots.”

Former International and Consultant for French Television on Mary Sempere, XV and 7

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For a group that has settled in the European Top 3 for the past ten years, not qualifying for this World Cup is a real setback and a huge setback. “They won the Grand Slam in 2013, and in 2015 they won six countries. Reminiscent of Mary Semper. They liberated blacks from the 2014 World Cup in France. It was a team going through a prosperous period. Here is a new beginning. The old ones were kicked out a bit, and icons like Captain Ciara Griffin or Claire Molloy were stopped because they gave themselves the final challenge to go to the World Cup.

The symbol of this new cycle is Captain Nicola Friday and her 22 choices. “The most experienced player against the Welsh was in fullback, she had 23 games., Supports the former International. By comparison, France XV captain Gail Hermet – far from being the most capped – will celebrate her 41st selection on Saturday.

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The Les Blues, who started out as big favorites, still have to be wary of a team with nothing to lose. “The staff is not stressed, they’m not busy. Their goal is the next World Cup. The Irish want to come back, they have nothing to lose in this match. We have to get out of it. Be careful, it’s a team that will not give up. Struggle The Irish style is not a myth, it’s painful. “She continues. “The Irish are very similar to the boys in the engagement. They attack the line hard and are aggressive in the rack stages.”Thomas Darak, Sports Manager, XV, France, adds.

To cope with the Irish physical challenges and to adapt more to the British than the Toulouse climate, the staff of Les Blues chose to concentrate on its first line. The willpower is twofold: to tap into a notable weakness in the first match of the tournament and to open the door to victory and promise worse content, especially against Italy. “In the second period, their forward package really struggled, on the scroll, on the balls they carried. Against the Welsh, they were very tired on defense, though they missed a few tackles.”

The Blues’ second encouraging point is that Irish game philosophy leaves the initiative to the opponent, who, according to Marie Semper, should be allowed to place their device more easily. “The Irish will first focus on the basics, including the defense, which will allow the Les Blues to establish their game based on conquest and defense. On the Blues side, we will look for more fluidity than against Italy.”

A wish confirmed by Thomas Darak: “Today, we want to get our balloons, we want to take turns in situations that promise to be difficult. We have all the tools to compete and achieve results.” And politely.

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