A classic among England Ireland rugby classics

A classic among England Ireland rugby classics
Race Nations Cup: A classic among the Ireland rugby classics

Best of Ireland and Classics in England. Tomorrow at Twickenham (on the 16th, to know where to look for it, read where to follow the second day of the Autumn National Cup) will be the 137th meeting in the history of the sport. Team-friendly balance: 79 wins against 49 Irish boys (8 draws).

Eddie Jones’ boys have won their last three matches, two in London and one away from home, in February 2019. It was a tough lesson for Sexton and teammates: 57-15.

The reasons for the 30 people taking over the field are that you don’t have to look for them with the lamp. The animosity between the two forms is one that is rooted in history.

To clarify what we are talking about, we would like to recall a quote from Peter George Derek Robbins, an Englishman in his 50s: “The British play rugby because they invented it; The Irish play it because they hate the British and love fighting; They are historical enemies of the English because of the Scots, while the Welsh have one advantage over all others: each of them was born on a rugby pitch or was pregnant there. “

In addition to the “subtle” paradox associated with Welsh, there is a grain of truth. The Irish (but not only them) hate the British (and love fights) so every game (every game every meter) is an opportunity not to get sidetracked and stay away.

If we avoid this insignificant historical legacy, it must be said from a purely sporting perspective that England and Ireland often share the lead in the world rankings for our hemisphere countries.

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Currently the reigning world champion is behind South Africa (in terms of the rankings in favor of a stop to the Pandemic), with England winning six nations. Third place after defeat to New Zealand and Argentina; The fourth is widespread France and the fifth is Ireland.

The formation of Andy Farrell coincided with a generational change. The oldest of the popular ones is the History Group. The last powerful machine to win second place in the rankings a year and a half ago and beat New Zealand is now starting to creek. Of those who saw the work during the autumn recovery, despite the victories against Italy and Wales (in the first match of the Autumn Cup), it seemed the brightest.

The English formation, on the other hand, seems to move with the wind on its ships. He described the disappointment of the world defeat against South Africa (after apotheosis in the semi-final against New Zealand) and the match against France in St. Denis at the opening of the Six Nations 2020.

Since then he has only collected victories, and now he is certainly aiming for a match against the French, the candidates for victory in the other group.

It will be fun tomorrow. By appointment 16 RTE Or Channel 4

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