A chorus of joy for the “global minimum tax”, but there is a lot of confusion about anything – La Vos de New York

A chorus of joy for the "global minimum tax", but there is a lot of confusion about anything - La Vos de New York

A few days ago RepublicWe wrote about the worldwide success of the contract in this work, which involved a large army of commentators with a similar and unanimous chorus of TV and radio in all Italian newspapers. Global minimum tax.

From OECD to global tax green light, multinational companies will pay 15%. It will bring in $ 150 billion in revenue. ” Hence the name Republic That’s it 136 countries The tax exemption of multinational corporations was finally found to have led to the historic agreement, which had been sanctioned by many parliaments and national governments, by proposed and favorable laws. 15% Wherever multinational companies are located.

Leading choir led by US government and EU leaders “bow downExcept for someone else’s last defensesIreland, Dell ‘Estonia as well as Dell ‘Hungary.

I pointed out how in a previous article of mine Tax Observatory Of Paris School of Economics It was fixed 36 major lending institutions On the old continent as well Amn Amro Danske Bank, Monte de Pasqui, Banco Sabadel, Deutsche Bank, Nationwide, Banco Santander, Dec Bank, Nord LB, Bankia BFA, East, Nordia, Barclays, Handlesbankel, Nicardie, Nicardi BBVA, HSBC, RBS, BNP Paribas, ING, SEB Bank, BPCE, Intesa Sanpaolo, Société Générale, Commerzbank, KBC Bank, Standard Chartered, Credit Agricole, LBBW, Swedbank, Credit 20 20 billion in tax bases.

So right? Nothing!

It is not clear who reads the agreement, for example, who should be examined, after all, who will apply this agreement, and what the sanctions will be. Things that are not of secondary importance, because as everyone knows, what is the use of all this if there is no regulation of the rules and proportional penalties for disappearance?

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In terms of convenience, Mutual principle“Indicates Translated from the Global Minimum Tax, a bombastic English like me who does not chew like me to Italy, literally means: The lowest tax in the world. Well, once upon a time, Biz would say, but from an Italian economic point of view, let’s go to the merits to understand what the revolution is all about. In our beautiful country we have to mention the following scheme 2021 AboutIRPEF (Personal Income Tax):

Total 0 to 15,000 euros A rate 23%;

15.001 to 28.000 Euros: Rate 27%;

28,001 to 55,000 euros: Rate 38%;

55,001 to 75,000 euros: Rate 41%;

More than 75,000 euros: Rate 43%.

It can be said that an employee earns money 25,000 euros To find out the total personal income tax for the year, I would have to calculate:

For the first 15,000 euros The rate (according to the first income bracket) needs to be applied 23% Get it out of it, so a tax 3.450 Euros;

The remaining 10,000 euros (25,000 euros – 15,000 euros) Rate 27%, Which is related to the second bracket, you get 2.700 Euros;

In toll mode The total personal income tax will be 6,150 (3,450 euros + 2,700 euros). Therefore, for the two rates applied, the average 25%, 10 points more than multinationals.

On the other hand, if we go ahead with the calculations of who earns the most, we can get that the rates will affect the income of all fixed and fixed incomes or workers and pensioners at all levels.

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It seems to us that very few have made so much noise.

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