A Busted Toilet The night of a serious breakdown in the ISS began

A Busted Toilet The night of a serious breakdown in the ISS began

International Space Station.

International Space Station.
Image: NASA

It was another long night at the International Space Station because the crew had a series of minor problems and it started to feel like a broken record.

As always, we should introduce things by saying that the crew is safe, and No new problems are particularly serious. THey it’s a nuisance, but there seems to be a lot of annoyance in RSS these days.

The first problem that came out last night was a broken toilet in the Russian segment. Cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin reported the problem to the ground controllers The air bubble formed in the system, Accordingly To the Russian news agency Interfax. A Please update AFP indicates that the toilet problem has been resolved.

However, if this had not been fixed, the astronauts would have been freed from a toilet located on their Soyuz-MS-16 spacecraft, which is currently docked to the RSS. If that failed, they could have politely asked to enter NASA Fancy new $ 23 million toilet, Universal Waste Management System, Arrived at the RSS earlier this month. If those options were out there anyway, The crew could have just Wearing diaper Commonly used in space orbits.

Russian oxygen supply system the same evening – yes, Same stuff Since last week – once again crashed. The water used to produce oxygen is depleted, but Like the toilet, this was the problem Obviously This is also fixed, AFP reports.

The electron-VM oxygen delivery system located on the Sweden module is one of the two in the ISS, and the other is NASA’s Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS). NASA’s system can hold a six – member team, and spare oxygen tanks are available when things really go awry.

As an insult to the wound, the AFP reported that a stove used to heat food had also broken down. Yes, it was one of those nights.

Russian news agency Toss, All problems were solved overnight. A spokesman for the Russian space agency Roscosmos said: “All systems of the station are operating normally and there is no danger to the crew’s safety and ISIS travel.”

Another problem in the RSS was the annoying air leak that started in September 2019 and was finally detected and temporarily fixed. Last week, Ivanishin Found Source of leakage by monitoring the path of a floating tea bag inside the Sweda module. The Temporary Fix some foam rubber – what you like –Duct tape (Or known Captain tape). A Similar solution Used in 2018 for another ISS leak. Experts on the planet are currently the longestTerm solution, NASA Reports.

Together with Ivanishin, fellow astronaut Ivan Wagner and NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, they will no longer have to deal with these problems as they prepare to return to Earth this week.. All three will be unlocked from the Poise module on EDT on Thursday at 7:32 p.m. Arrive at a landing site in Kazakhstan at 10:55 pm.

The International Space Station is beginning to show its age (orbiting postpost 1998). When the Russian oxygen supply system failed last week, senior Russian astronaut Jenny Patalka said, all Russian modules were exhausted.They rely on outdated equipment that needs to be replaced, such as RIA Novosti Reported. Given all that has been going on in the RSS lately, he would not be wrong.

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