A bike road trip was explained to the college students

A bike road trip was explained to the college students

At Philippe-Lamour College, for more than two hours, students were able to exchange a moment with Angle Patty, and with Etienne Demour, president of the “A Velo” (Aegas-Mortus, Gru-du-Roy) Association. And La Grande-Mote). Young Angel arrived to explain the solo and autonomous bike journey, covering 2,500 km and 4 countries in 45 days. The two pass through the ancient North Coast 500 and the Hebrew Cycling Way to reach the remote islands of Scotland, passing through France in Ireland. Everything is illustrated by a photo report of island life in Scotland.

All the experiences of Angela

Angel, a trilingual third-year student at Sciences-Po Paris, has been practicing road cycling and triathlon for a year. Passionate about adventure, this young woman spends her free time outside, exploring the area on foot, by bike or even on horseback. Her interest in cultural differences led her to make her first language transfer at 6 months of age at the age of nine.

Since February, health restrictions have prevented him from returning to Scotland to complete the Erasmus year in St Andrews. Desperate and frustrated that she did not have time to find this country, she could not wait for the end of the online courses in her room until next academic year and decide to return there. Hence his project “Source” (Simplicity, Autonomy, Openness, Resistance, Sustainability, Adventure).

She will go on a long journey from Montpellier, where she lives: France Crossing: 1,000 km, Ireland, Northern Ireland: 300 km, Isle of Aran – Oban: 175 km, Hebrew Cycling Way: 350 km, North Coast Route 500, Ullapool – John O’Groats : 300 km, Orkney Islands Circuit: 150 km, Shetland Islands Circuit: 200 km.

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During these discussions with the students, questions and answers erupted and a new meeting was already scheduled, so Angela came to tell us about her trip.

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