A big mistake many people make when switching telephone companies

A big mistake many people make when switching telephone companies

Switching phone companies is something we’ve all done more than once in our lives. It is normal to not be comfortable with a particular service or to switch to an operator that offers better conditions than we had before. The process by which we switch from one operator to another is called portability, but it can happen if you do You are making the mistake of not falling. We tell you more about it.

The process is very simple for the customer as he only needs to request it and the operators are responsible for implementing it. That’s the problem sometimes We forget everything we contractedThat is a very costly mistake.

Don’t forget to cancel what you don’t carry

As you already know more than enough, There are two types of portability. There is portability of fixed numbers and portability of mobile numbers, both of which can be invoked by a client whenever needed. It is an essential right for any subscriber to a telephone company to be able to keep the same telephone number, regardless of the company providing the services.

In case of mobile telephone it is very simple, as there is a centralized node where all telephone operators are registered. This node is responsible for processing requests for changing the number of mobile phones, and being centralized greatly facilitates the operation of telephone operators. On the other hand, the portability of fixed lines is a bit more tedious, as you need a technician to come to your home or office to make the change.

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So what happens to the portability of broadband? Broadband portability is, in itself, a product tied to a fixed telephone line, which is why broadband portability is not implemented. The problem comes if any of our products port with only one operator, like Unless we have previously canceled the service we contracted with them They can continue to charge us like nothing happened. Similarly, FACUA explains that:

When we implement a portability of services, it will always appear with reference to specific lines being ported from the old operator or provider’s operator to the new operator. In that case, the old operator should cancel the lines ported and all services related to the said lines. However, on lines that have not been ported or continue to be used, cancellation must be requested, otherwise the old company may continue billing, and there would have been no cancellation or portability justifying the end of the contract. For that particular line.

This problem happens more often From one operator with a landline to another without one. Since the landline cannot be ported, it will remain active on the old operator and will not prevent them from continuing to charge us as if nothing happened. For this reason, if you intend to implement a port, it is advisable to call the operator you are leaving and make sure that you have no longer entered into any contract with them.

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