A Beginner’s Guide to Online Betting on Football in the UK

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Football betting has been around for almost as long as football, in fact, it is one of the reasons why these competitions are so exciting. Although these things are typically separate nowadays the two industries have become closely entangled.

Today, it is difficult to tell if football can stay the same without gambling sponsorships, as a lot of revenue comes from this collaboration. Many people who grow up watching sports also grow to like sports betting, or at least decide to place a wager once. This can be an extremely fun hobby, especially if you know what you are doing. So, let’s go over a few beginner tips for online betting on football.

How It Works

There are different types of bets that you can place on a single football match. The simplest form of wagering is just to pick one of 3 outcomes, team 1 wins, team 2 wins, or draw. Now each outcome has a value attached to it or odds. These odds are used as multipliers on the wagered amount in order to calculate your winning prize. So when you bet on multiple matches these odds add up and your potential reward increases. When you are betting online you need to create an account, fund it, and then use your funds to place a bet. If you win, the money is also added to your account and you need to make a withdrawal request in order to get that money into your bank account or e-wallet.

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Picking an Operator or an Online Casino

The first thing you need to do is find a sportsbooks site or an online casino where you can create an account and place bets. In the UK, you will have lots of options and it’s easy to find licensed operators. If you are really a beginner then this is likely the first time you are making an account, which makes you eligible for different promotions. You can do a bit of research and figure out what are the best casino bonuses on first deposit that you can get. This will give you an opportunity to place more bets, and even play some casino games if the offer also contains free spins. Moreover, if you don’t win anything it won’t feel as bad.

How Odds Work?

First of all, there is no reason for you to doubt the odds on a match as they are always accurate. None of them guarantee that you are going to win, however, you will notice that different operators might have different odds on the same match. There is no reason to be confused about this. Operators get their odds from punters and adjust them further. The prize pool needs to be distributed for various outcomes and to account for the bookmaker’s margin. So there are complex algorithms that are working in the background to generate those odds, and different algorithms generate different odds.

How to Play to Have Fun

The main idea is to have fun, so don’t second guess your solid decision due to odds. If you follow a certain team and know how well they are doing, always go with your gut. If you just want to bet on a random match then you can base your decision on the odds. Moreover, you can try different types of wagers. For example, you can wager on the number of goals that both teams will score, or which team will score first.

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A good way to have fun during a match is to create an account with an operator who offers live betting options. This way you can make decisions based on what’s going on in the field. Maybe one team is not performing as everyone expected, or something happened during the match that tilted the favor to the other team. Football is really unpredictable and live betting is way more fun because of it.


These were some beginner tips that you hopefully found helpful. As you can see it’s really easy and fun to speculate on the outcomes. You will likely encounter a lot of matches where the outcome is 99% determined due to a great skill gap between the teams. You can place a single bet on the less favorable outcome in those cases, as the rewards can be huge, whereas betting on the other team will most likely just get you your money back. Also, remember to play for fun and to gamble responsibly.

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