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A Barcelona court has ruled that 748 Delivero riders are not self-employed but have employee ties to the company.

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A Barcelona court He established The 748 riders who worked for Delivero Food Delivery Company had an employee relationship with the company and were not self-employed or co-workers as the company claims. The decision is based on one Judgment Last September, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that companies such as Delivery, Glovo and Uber Eats were not just “intermediaries” between their own business customers and deliveries, but platforms that “coordinate and organize the service”.

The court order will force the delivery to register the deliveries with the National Social Security Agency and repay the donations between 2016 and 2018.

In Delivero’s opinion, the judge observed that the ride seemed to be “not as wide as he would like it to be”: in the event that the delivery boy’s order was rejected for both reasons, the other minimum orders were not guaranteed, as the payer was paid a “salary” for “each service” in the paid employment relationship. Specifies Newspaper.

In addition, as per the judgment, Delivery tested the rider performance through its digital platform, evaluating not only the delivery time and services, but also the response time for taking charge of the orders. Service management during rush hours. “If the delivery man’s valuation had been low,” the judge explained, “he was given 30 days’ notice and asked by the company to change his attitude, otherwise the rider’s registration could have been revoked.” Platform and end its collaboration “.

So far there are 41 similar verses in Spain. Newspaper He explained that negotiations between the government and the union should be resumed today to regulate the employment relationship between riders and companies in the region.

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