A 7-year-old boy rescues his father and sister after swimming for an hour to help

A 7-year-old boy rescues his father and sister after swimming for an hour to help

Seven-year-old saves father and sister from current (Attribution: Reproduction / WKST)

A seven-year-old boy was able to rescue his father and sister after swimming for about an hour. The boy was rushed to the North American city of Jacksonville as family struggled with the flow of the St. John’s River.

After the episode, the boy’s father, Steven Post, told CNN affiliate WKXT that his two sons, Chase, 7, and Abigail (4), will be allowed to swim last Friday as his boat is anchored in the river. 28).

However, Abigail, who was swimming in the back of the boat which was supposed to be a quiet ride, had to go free due to the current. As a result, Chase tries to save his sister.

Seeing this scene, the post sinks to save the children and tells Chase to swim until he reaches the shore while trying to help his daughter in a life jacket.

“I told him I loved him because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen,” Post said.

“I tried to keep both of them. I fainted. She moved from me to the river, ”he adds.

After an hour of swimming, Chase reached the shore and asked for help. Most notable was the method the boy used to set foot on dry land, where he flowed back to the riverbank to avoid wasting waste energy.

According to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD), Chase asked for help at a house about 3 miles from the river where his father and brother live.

JFRD was started to rescue a father and daughter who were fighting against the current.

“We had all the resources possible to come quickly and we are happy to say that all three have recovered and are doing well,” he said. “We could not get a better result.”

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