A 15% tax on multinationals would cost France 6 6 billion

A 15% tax on multinationals would cost France 6 6 billion

This tax is in accordance with the Economic Analysis Council (CAE) which prepared this estimate “The very existence of tax sites can be questioned.”.

Every year, 34 billion euros flee to tax centers

What if France imposes a tax on multinationals? Perhaps global financial geography will take shape. According to the latest figures from the Economic Analysis Council (CEE), France imposes a global tax rate of at least 15% on the profits of multinational corporations 6 6 billion a year. By comparison, Germany receives 8.3 billion euros and the United States 15 billion euros.

Today, 34 34 billion a year in profits migrate from France to tax havens, primarily in Switzerland, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.. For the United States, 95 95 billion flows into the Caribbean, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Taxes to restore the financial sovereignty of nations

“The idea of ​​a minimum taxation is not an international consensus,” he said. Leaks need to be plugged in to restore the financial sovereignty of countries », Says Matthew Parenti, a professor at the Independent University of Brussels. “Tax competition is expected to take on other forms.” The car In the long run, tax sites need to adapt to the reform by raising tax rates.

The next meeting of G20 finance ministers, to be held on July 29 and 30, 2021, is expected to bring an agreement on effective taxation for large groups. Several parameters, such as the size of the tax paid profiles or the minimum rate level, are still debatable.

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