9th Round Game Table

Eliminatórias da Europa Copa 2022

The European Cup 2022 qualifiers in Europe are back. From Thursday, November 11, Continental teams will be on the field for a direct classification for next year’s World Cup in Qatar. Portugal, Germany, Holland and Spain will be on the field.

The ninth round of the group stage will begin this Thursday with ten encounters between European teams. Teams divided into 10 groups of five and six will battle it out to reach the 2022 World Cup qualifying round, while the runners-up will face a global setback.

Portugal will face Ireland with a chance to take the lead in Group A, while Spain will face Greece in Group B with a three-point lead.

Importantly, when it comes to data FIFA football, all tournaments on the European continent are stagnant.

Qualifying for the World Cup in Europe in November

9th round between Thursday and Saturday

Thursday (11/11) – European Cup qualifiers 2022

Azerbaijan x Luxembourg – 14 hours

Georgia x Sweden – 2 p.m.

Russia x Cyprus – 2 p.m.

Armenia x Northern Macedonia – 2 p.m.

Malta x Croatia – 4:45 pm

Germany x Liechtenstein – 4:45 pm

Romania x Iceland – 4:45 pm

Slovakia x Slovenia – 4:45 pm

Greece x Spain – 4:45 pm

Ireland x Portugal – 4:45 pm

Friday (12/11) – European Cup qualifiers 2022

Italy x Switzerland – 4:45 pm

Northern Ireland vs Lithuania – 4:45 pm

Austria x Israel – 4:45 pm

Denmark x Faroe Islands – 4:45 pm

Moldova x Scotland – 4:45 pm

Andorra x Poland – 4:45 pm

England x Albania – 4:45 pm

Hungary x San Marino – 4:45 pm

Saturday (11/13):

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Norway x Latvia – 2 p.m.

Turkey x Gibraltar – 2 p.m.

Montenegro x Holland – 4:45 pm

Tenth round between Sunday and Tuesday

Sunday (11/14):

Croatia x Russia – 11am

Malta Slovakia – 11am

Slovenia x Cyprus – 11am

Armenia x Germany – 2 p.m.

Liechtenstein x Romania – 14 hours

Northern Macedonia x Iceland – 2 p.m.

Portugal x Serbia – 4:45 pm

Luxembourg x Ireland – 4:45 pm

Greece x Kosovo – 4:45 pm

Spain x Sweden – 4:45 pm

Monday (11/15):

Northern Ireland vs Italy – 4:45 pm

Switzerland x Bulgaria – 4:45 pm

Austria x Moldova – 4:45 pm

Israel x Faroe Islands – 4:45 pm

Scotland x Denmark – 4:45 pm

Albania x Andorra – 4:45 pm

Poland x Hungary – 4:45 pm

San Marino x England – 4:45 pm

Tuesday (11/16):

Bosnia and Ukraine – 4:45 pm

Finland x France – 4:45 pm

Czech Republic x Estonia – 4:45 pm

Wales x Belgium – 4:45 pm

Gibraltar x Latvia – 4:45 pm

Montenegro x Turkey – 4:45 p.m.

Netherlands x Norway – 4:45 pm

+ Check out the updated list of European eligibility groups

Where to watch qualifying matches?

TNT and space channels are responsible for broadcasting European qualifiers. You must tune both stations through subscription operators, as they are only available on pay television in Brazil to follow the encounter.

However, if you do not have Pay TV and would like to watch the matches, you can subscribe to the TNT Stadium streaming service, from Warner, via the website (www.estadio.com) or via the Android and iOS app. .

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