900 Years of Travel Exhibition of the Premonstratency Order – Archdiocese of Paderborn

900 Years of Travel Exhibition of the Premonstratency Order - Archdiocese of Paderborn

Exhibition on tour

“On September 12, 2021, a joint opening day, we will begin a round of presentations in Arnsburg-Weddinghausen, Rumbeck and Olinghausen,” explains Ulrie Frey of the Archbishop’s General Vicarage Art Department in Paderborn. Prof. Dr. Johannes Meyer, Archbishop of Mains / Clarholes, co-chairs the church history tour with Karin Vermert from the Diocesan Museum. Ulrich Frey delights in addressing visitors to the exhibition in a variety of ways through modern media stations and information boards.

A general overview of the history and work of the Premonstratansians is presented in the Cloister of the former Weddinghouse monastery, while the Parliamentary embroidery at Rumbeck and the monasteries of the Premonstratansians are examined separately. With the example of Olinghouse, the subject of economics is highlighted in the monastery garden museum there. In Wirling, as Weddinghouse’s former provost, large parts of the precious “Biblioteca Weddinghausano-Verlensis” have been preserved, and the theme of the book, “Art and Premonstration Libraries,” is on display. This coming spring, the travel show will stop at Dortmund, as the former Katherine Ngloster of Premonstratensian women has completely disappeared there, leaving room for the Provost Church exhibition in the heart of Dortmund. After all, Clarholes marks the end of the travel exhibition, meanwhile, a new beginning – from Whitson 2022, all the developed content and materials will take place in new rooms in a new concept of the monastery museum.

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