800 P&O crew members were released via video

800 P&O crew members were released via video

The shipping company, which owns a Dubai holding company and specializes in linking Dover with Calais, cited significant losses recorded last year. The company intends to hire temporary workers to replace the sailors. The British media confirms that this tactic is the rarest in the country since the 1980s.

“I have seen friends cry, Releases an employee with thirty years of seniority The guard. Treats us terribly. ” On Thursday, March 17, the skies of the English Channel crashed into the heads of 800 crew members on P&O ferries. Without warning. By the end of the morning, the management of the shipping company, especially the ships providing Dover-Kalaise and Great Britain-Ireland links, had recalled all of its ships to the port. Reason: “An important announcement.”

Employees, who had gathered around mobile phones, looked on helplessly, dismissing themselves immediately. “I’m sorry to inform you that your contract expires without delay … today is your last working day”, A explained to them via video conference “Manager in Suite”, Is connected Financial Times. “Read the press release placed in front of him carefully”, The man cited a significant loss of up to 100 100 million (8 118 million) last year. The only solution to straighten the bar, according to the company: replace all crew members and hire low-paid temporary workers. Within five minutes, the financial diary continues, the mass said. Only time for that “Offer a large dismissal package as soon as employees sign up”.

Temporary workers are ready to take over

Under the boats, temporary workers were already waiting, ready to take over, British newspapers reported. In Hull, northeast of England, “Two buses of Latvian workers found near port”, Accurate The Times. After all, the company has hired security guards “Excessive training” Responsibility for landing any rebels. “RMT, a major trade union in the transport sector, has called on workers to stay on boardDeveloping The Daily Telegraph. The captain of one of the boats even lifted the gangway. The face-to-face afternoon lasted for a good while until the management agreed


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