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8 valuable tips from psychotherapists for a better life!

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Psychotherapist They don’t have a magic wand to our problems, but they can help us look at them from a different perspective and approach them in the right way. They can give you valuable guidance and advice that will help you think and move in the right direction.

This year has been stressful and we have all found ourselves on a real roller coaster of emotions. That’s why we all like the advice of a few therapists to stay and the amount of positive energy.

8 people told us the most important things Tips They have heard that from their therapists this year. These words helped them to “get through” this difficult year:

1. Thoughts are not facts

Our brain can process a million thoughts per minute, and we never think to stop and rethink them. Our thoughts are not like that Facts. What we think is not always right, so sometimes we have to stop and question our thoughts. Only in this way can our lives be balanced.

2. Be gentle with yourself

Take care of your mental health as well as your physical health. Give yourself a break from everything and everyone from time to time, so keep your mind.

3. You are not obligated to help everyone

You are not responsible to others Emotions. You are not obligated to carry the burden of other people’s problems behind you. It’s okay to get yourself into trouble with others, but do not allow yourself to get into trouble with others, because that is how you lose yourself.

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4. We cannot control the thoughts of others

Do not waste valuable time and energy proving that others are wrong. This “job” will make you unnecessarily tired.

5. Do not ignore grief

Dealing with difficult moments is essential in the course of life. Pay when you have trouble, suze With medication. Dealing with difficult times will help us to move forward.

6. Put yourself first

If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to be good to others. Putting yourself first is not selfish, it is the key to happiness.

7. There is no perfect moment

You will never be fully prepared for the next stage in life. If you wait for the perfect situation, you will never achieve anything. Start at this moment, do not wait for the right opportunity.

8. Do not make excuses for your actions

Yours Decisions They are yours alone and you are not obligated to justify others. If the environment does not understand the big procedures, it is not your problem.


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