8 tips to free up memory on your smartphone

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We all live, and when this announcement appears this disappointment says that our storage is full … Simple download of a new app or taking a single photo becomes a real test for the space not available on your smartphone.

Fortunately, Here are some tips to free up your phone memory. We have listed them just for you. Here’s how to get rid of stress and free up storage memory from your smartphone.

How to free up space on your smartphone

We have to admit that your smartphone is hard to breathe with hundreds of apps, thousands of photos, videos and many music and files. It requires space … Here are some tips to help you get rid of clutter in your phone.

How to free up memory on your smartphone:

  • Remove unwanted apps
  • Delete your messages regularly
  • Sort your photos and videos
  • Sort your downloaded files
  • Select a cloud
  • Insert a microSD card
  • Clear cached data
  • Limit the number of emails stored on your phone

1) Remove unwanted apps

You can get started by removing apps you are not currently using. Yes, we are all the same. We collect applications on our phone for ultimately limited use. Count yourself: How many apps do you actually use rather than how many downloads you actually have?

So, free up memory on your smartphone by deleting the apps you are not using or very few. This will save you space. And even the smallest gigabyte that comes out is important in your situation.

2) Delete your messages regularly

Second tip: Delete SMS conversations from time to time. Coincidentally, it takes up hundreds, even thousands of SMS. So it may be time to delete some conversations.

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You can start by deleting all ad text messages, especially from people who are not close to you. If you still need to free up space on your smartphone, you need to think about deleting conversations with your friends and family. We know you will not read this conversation again anyway.

3) Make an original sorting of your photos and videos

This is the one that takes up the most space on your phone. Since the advent of smartphones, we can take endless photos to make sure we have a photo. The one with the best frame and the best angle with your best profile, maybe. This also applies to videos.

But is it necessary to have a dozen or so similar photos? We suspect. So we advise you to look at your photo album and make a real classification. Well, from February 19, 2019 you will never need this screenshot.

4) Sort your downloaded files

Like your photos and videos, don’t forget to configure your downloads. Yes, we download files and always more files. Usually you open them once, that’s all. So you can also delete unwanted files.

5) Go to the cloud

Thanks to technology, you do not have to delete all your unwanted photos and videos. You can use a cloud, i.e. a Online storage space. There are many of them, and they are usually free to a certain extent. This will save you from overloading your smartphone and storing precious memories if your phone leaves you unexpectedly.

6) Insert a microSD card

Another solution to avoid deleting all your unwanted photos and videos: a good old microSD card. You can transfer files, photos, videos, and music to it. Eliminates too much of your smartphone’s internal memory.

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7) Erase your cached data

New Tip: When you go to your apps, you leave data. They take up space. So remember to delete your apps’ cached data regularly. This will allow you to scrape some memory from your smartphone.

To do this, go to your smartphone’s settings and click “Storage” and then “Clear Cache” of apps.

8) Limit the number of emails stored on your phone

Between important emails, promotions and newsletters, our mailbox is full of emails. The Gmail app, in particular, stores a certain amount of mail on your phone. Obviously, it takes up space. Lots of places.

In the app settings, you can reduce the “number of synced days” to limit the number of emails stored on your smartphone. Another tip to save space on your phone!

With all these tips, you need to succeed in freeing up precious gigabytes on your smartphone. Remember to apply these tips regularly to download new apps or take more photos.

If we forget any tips on clearing your phone’s storage space, let us know in the comments. We will update this article regularly.

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