8 Things to Do With Your Old Car

You remember the day you bought your new car? Fast forward 10 years or so. Now the car is a shelf of its former self.

The average age of a scrap car is 12.1 years. There are several things you can do to give a little more life to your old car.

You want to get the most out of your car before you have to junk it. So what can you do? Read this article to learn the 8 steps you can take to get some more miles of your old car.

  1. Maintain Your Car’s Battery

If you want to get your car’s motor a chance to get its golden years, you must maintain its battery. Has your car been sitting for a long time? If you haven’t driven your car in a long time, the battery might give you issues.

After years of not running, a car’s battery will degrade. This will cause it to go flat. It might take your car a long time to turn on, or it won’t turn on at all.

To give the battery some juice, you can use a trickle charger. This is a low-amp charger you can leave on the car to recharge the battery. A battery conditioner can also do the job. To find the right car battery charger, check out this review from TheDrive.

It’s a better idea to use these devices instead of jump-starting your car. Doing this can put a strain on the battery. It can damage the engine.

The last thing you want is to damage the engine or other electronics. An alternative option is to drive your car at least once a week. Do this for at least 10 minutes to keep the battery charged.

  1. Change the Filters
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Don’t forget about the filters. You have to change the air filter. Over time it can become clogged.

It’s a simple solution to prevent a major issue down the road. If you’re a DIY person, you can save money by swapping it out yourself. You can give the air filter more life by washing it.

The same goes for the oil filter. Replace an old oil filter. After sitting for a while, a car’s oil filter can dry up.

By replacing the oil filter, you can improve your car’s performance. A new oil filter can also improve fuel economy.

  1. Check and Change the Fluids

Speaking of the oil filter, it goes without saying that you must also change the oil. If there is still oil in the car, it might be old and turned.

Next on the list is the transmission fluid. Without it, the transmission will give you trouble. Make sure to replace the brake fluid and coolant too.

Don’t forget about the gas. This one is a no-brainer. Running low on gas can spell a disaster for your car.

If your car is low on gas, the fuel pump will draw from what’s in the bottom of the gas tank. There might be debris and sediment in there. This stuff plus the air inside can clog the system.

This mix can also corrode the pump and filters. In old cars, this can prevent them from starting.

  1. Replace the Spark Plugs

Older cars come with spark plugs. You must replace them. This is another DIY project.

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You’ll need to inspect them. Check for signs of melting. Also, check for signs of wear and tear.

Replace spark plugs that have heavy wear. Worn-out spark plugs that have cracks will affect the engine’s performance.

It’s also a good idea to check the cylinders. Check inside them. Look for deposits and rust as they can cause major damage to the engine.

  1. Replace the Carburetor

Old cars have a carburetor. A bad carburetor can cause all sorts of trouble for your car. It can affect how the car runs.

Backfiring is a sign that the carburetor isn’t working. If it’s causing trouble, you must replace it.

  1. Play It Safe With the Brakes

Does your car have a manual transmission? If it does, don’t use the shifting gears to help you reduce your speed. Doing so can damage the drivetrain.

This is a major no-no if you’re driving at higher speeds. The more you use the gears to brake, the more you risk damaging the engine.

Get rid of this bad habit. Instead, use the brake pedals. There’s a reason why the car came with them.

  1. Avoid Driving Over Potholes

You must drive your old car with care. Don’t drive through potholes. Potholes can damage the suspension and tires.

The best policy is to drive around the potholes. If you can’t, slow down as you drive through it.

  1. The End of the Road

What happens if you tried to restore your old car and it didn’t work? There’s an option you should consider. If all else fails, you should scrap your car for cash.

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Scrapping old cars is a practice that many people go with when they aren’t able to fix their old cars. Scrapping your old car can save you a big headache.

You don’t have to worry about towing it away. A tower will come to your house and give you cash on the spot. Even if your car doesn’t run or has damage, you might be able to get an offer.

Cash for cars is the way to go if you want to get rid of your old car. Get some cash for your car while you still can.

What To Do With Your Old Car

Do you have an old car? If it has been sitting in your driveway, you can do several things to help it run for a few more years. Follow these tips for restoring old cars.

If you can’t restore it, move on to the next step. Get cash for scrapping it.

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