8 Reasons Why We Love Paul Meskel

8 Reasons Why We Love Paul Meskel

Paul Meskel has the opportunity to add an “Emmy Winner” to his CV this weekend, but we loved him long before he got permission – here are eight reasons for that.

1. His range as an actor

Ordinary people Mesquel made him a global star, with such a strong performance, but he has been putting out great performances on stage for a long time. I’m glad to have seen him on the show a few times over the years and thought ‘well, he has a specialty’. He is. And then there’s the Rolling Stones video starring him – which is great. Let’s not forget the Bali-Hognis ad!

2. He can sing too

His skills come from his ears, and the signing voice gives me literal music. Dermot really says everything he can to hold his own on stage with Kennedy.

3. He is a big brother to support

Talent works in the family and is a huge fan of his sister Nell Meskel. He always shares her singing posts and makes her big, and it’s beautiful. It seems he is doing better now that his own social media followers have grown so much that he has not changed who he is because more people know who he is.

4. And a supportive friend

Whenever he gets a little praise for playing Connell, he is always in a hurry to shed a light on co-star Daisy Edgar-Jones, who played Marianne. From the uproar on social media to the comments in the interviews, he makes sure it is never about himself.

5. “I am Irish”

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The simple and effective tweet sent by Meskel after Amy was nominated for her role in the film Normal People leaves no one in a trance about where he came from. Like a common occurrence when an Irish person does something well, several UK publications have claimed that Messkel was British after the news of the nomination broke, and he was not here for it.

6. He raises his voice on issues that are important to him

From showing support for Black Lives Matter to raising money for the mental health charity Piata Ha House, Meskel has been active in highlighting issues that are important to him with his platform, which is great.

7. He is a rooted person

It’s been weird for a few months, but something positive is bright enough to root Messkel’s success story, while everything is a little darker than usual. It’s great to see someone doing well, someone to appreciate their abilities, to see a good person go a long way and understand that they continue to be humble and who they are.

Meskel in ordinary people

8. His style

Who looks beautiful in the new GAA shorts outside of Ireland? Or will a simple network make people wild? His everyday style is simple jumpers, jeans and t-shirts. Classic, timeless. When he does photoshoots and editorials, he can pull off more ‘fashion’ that looks like a pro.

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