8 Large asteroids move toward Earth. When do they fly past us?

8 Large asteroids move toward Earth.  When do they fly past us?

8 Large asteroids approach Earth, which gradually orbit our Earth by November. They will all fly at a safe distance from our planet.

During the months of October and November, relatively 8 large asteroids orbit our planet. Everything averages more than 140 meters in size, which classifies asteroids as PHOs. The largest asteroid is estimated to be 380 meters long.

NASA has announced that three asteroids will be launched this month and the remaining five in November. They all fly at safe distances, so the space agency guarantees that there is no chance of a collision on our planet.

October flights

The first asteroid will fly in three days, viz October 15. This asteroid was only discovered this year. It is up to 160 meters in diameter and is located about 4.5 million kilometers from Earth.

Another asteroid with a diameter of up to 230 meters will orbit the Earth October 20 It will fly about 3.2 million kilometers from Earth.

After this asteroid was discovered in 1996 October 25 Follow an asteroid with a diameter of up to 200 meters that travels about 7.1 million kilometers from our planet.

5 Asteroidov v. Novemberbry

November will be a little richer in the number of asteroids. The asteroids orbit the Earth together until the 5th of this month.

Will be the first flight November 2 5.3 million kilometers from Earth. The asteroid is estimated to be up to 220 meters in size.

The largest asteroid can be up to 380 meters in size November 13 Orbit the Earth at a distance of 4.2 million kilometers.

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November 20 The asteroid is expected to fly 5.5 million kilometers with a diameter of about 190 meters. the next day November 21 At a distance of 5.7 million kilometers, it will be a 300 meter long asteroid, also known as 3361 Orpheus.

The last asteroid, measuring 92 to 210 meters, is expected to cover a safe distance of about 6.1 million kilometers by the end of November, i.e. November 29.

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