7 Unusual Poker Facts At A Live Casino Ireland

Poker is one of the most common card games of chance. And all thanks to the way the game itself goes: it’s not just luck but also cunning, logic, and observation are needed to play at a live casino Ireland https://betinia.com/ie/live-casino. There are always poker competitions with huge prizes, and non-professional players can play a game or two online. Here are interesting facts about poker that will allow you to learn even more about the game.

Many poker historians believe poker is over 1,000 years old, with prototypes dating as far back as the 900s in China. Can you imagine how many exceptional facts about poker you can find, given the game’s age?

Election Of Mayor With Poker

In New Mexico, there is an unusual law: if two candidates for any office gain an equal number of votes, the dispute, who will take the post, is solved with the game. There is also a known case where it was determined by poker. So, in 1998, in the town of Estancia of the mentioned state, James Farrington and Joan Carlson got equal numbers of votes in the fight for the mayor’s post. Farrington wanted to determine the winner by poker, and Carlson by a roll of the dice. The lot chose poker, the contestants played – and James Farrington won his office.

Ben Affleck’s Proficiency

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s most skilful players, who would definitely win gambling at a live casino Ireland. In 2004, he won the $10,000 California State Poker Championship for 90 registrations, a prize of $356,400.

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Poker And TV

Poker has long been a common game, but until the 1970s, television viewers showed little interest in it. However, that all changed with the appearance of the World Series of Poker in 1970. The CBS Sports broadcast of the exciting tournament in 1973 was the first time a poker championship was televised. Now, poker remains one of the most popular games on TV and ranks third in terms of viewership (after football and rallying).

The Longest And Largest Tournament

Nowhere in the collection of facts without records, so here we go: the longest poker game took place in the USA in 1881. That $1,000 tournament lasted 8 years, 5 months and 3 days. As for the largest tournament, it was held in Great Britain in 2013 in Onchan on the Isle of Man. It was attended by 225,000 people. The tournament was organized by Pokerstar, and the entry fee per player was $1. The tournament prize pool was $25,000.

Everyone Has Their Mascots And Superstitions

Poker isn’t just a game of chance at a live casino Ireland but also a sport. Its combination of different qualities has led to poker players having their mascots and superstitions. Some players, for example, perform at tournaments exclusively in the same clothes, while others always take some objects with them. Unusual: Famous player Sam Farha performs at tournaments with a cigarette in his teeth, although he himself has never smoked.


Jackpot, loved by live casino Ireland fans, comes from a form of 5-Card Poker in which the Pot was accumulated through the ante until one player had a pair of Jacks or higher on the first betting round.

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The Rarest Combination

The rarest poker player’s flush royal is a combination of cards of the same suit that starts with a ten and ends with an ace. Many even professional poker players who have been playing the game for years cannot make this combination. However, an unusual fact is known: Alex Hemstrey, playing poker in Las Vegas in 1994, was able to get it twice in a row in just two games. The winnings were negligible – $100 (all his opponents had passed), but he certainly wrote himself into the history of poker.

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