7 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Google Chrome: Transcripts, Crash, and More

7 Secrets You Didn't Know About Google Chrome: Transcripts, Crash, and More
7 Google Chrome extensions. (Photo: One day)

Chrome Web Store Is full of plugins and extensions for Google Chrome And other based browsers Google. There is something for every need, and it always fully encompasses them.

In general, Chrome extensions make things easier when browsingInternet, But especially when you are in a world where work is almost completely virtual.

Next, Infobe brings A List of top 7 extensions So that users can install them and test their usability.

1. Strategies

Users can copy everything they say in a meeting, either Google Meet O Zoom in. You can identify who each message belongs to and export the entire minutes Google Docs.

Sales Calls, Team Meetings, Online Courses, Customer Interviews, Product Research: The trick is to capture what people are saying, Not to lose anything.

With Tactiq, you can transcribe Google Meet, highlight important things, bookmark things, and record conversations. Tactiq then sums it all up in one Google document.

Strategies (Photo: Google Chrome Store
Strategies (Photo: Google Chrome Store

2. Black box

With this tool you can copy any text from the internet. From the text of a video YouTube To the text of an image. If you are programming, It is helpful to copy the code from any tutorial video.

If any Infobae reader spends a lot of time watching videos, webinars and meetings with a student or developer, this extension is ideal.

Black box.  (Photo: Google Chrome Store
Black box. (Photo: Google Chrome Store

3. Adblock

Of course, there are times when any user tries to play a movie or series, and every time he clicks on the screen, pop-up tabs open, more times than one would like.

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For this, Google Chrome offers AdBlock, An extension that blocks these tabs.

Adblock.  (Photo: Google Chrome Store
Adblock. (Photo: Google Chrome Store

4. Language tool

Very good spelling assistant. This tool works on the entire website. This will highlight any errors and suggest solutions.

This extension Sow birth A simple spell checker catches many errors that it cannot Grammar problems, frequently confused words, and punctuation.

Additionally, LanguageTool offers style suggestions for improving your writing: synonyms for overused words, short-alignment of multiple-word sentences, and page choices instead of commonly used phrases.

Language tool.  (Photo: Google Chrome Store
Language tool. (Photo: Google Chrome Store

5. LastPass

Everyone has multiple passwords, because not all apps have the same requirements to generate them. For this reason, The password for each website is sometimes difficult to remember You need to try them all until you find the right password.

The solution to this problem is LastPass, a standalone password manager for Google Chrome extensions where you can store them all. So you do not have to remember all the passwords, Just remember the LastPass password, And ready!

Lastpass.  (Photo: Google Chrome Store
Lastpass. (Photo: Google Chrome Store

6. Loom

Great tool Record full screen. as well as Record audio. You can record screen alone, with Screen Plus webcam and more.

With Loom you can record your screen and get an instant link to share with whoever you want. This is the fastest and easiest way to take screenshots and keep in touch with your team.

Whether you are recording a product demo, giving feedback or sharing your thoughts, Loom makes it easy to know information using asynchronous video.

Loom.  (Photo: Google Chrome Store
Loom. (Photo: Google Chrome Store

7. Picture in the picture

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PictureinPicture (PiP) permission Watch videos in the floating window (Always on top of other windows) so you can control what you see when interacting with other websites or applications.

This tool is ideal if you want to watch videos while doing other things. It is very useful to watch tutorials and practice live Or you can get the video you want as a thumbnail.

Picture in the picture.  (Photo: Google Chrome Store
Picture in the picture. (Photo: Google Chrome Store

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