7 non-traditional airports to visit at least once in your life

7 non-traditional airports to visit at least once in your life

Not only beautiful memories but also an unforgettable vacation trip to paradise beaches, stunning hotels or trendy tourist spots.

A portion of the experience passes through the airport, and in some special circumstances, the experience can be as incredible as the chosen destination. The case of these 7 non-traditional airports mentioned by the travel agency Travel fast.

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Princess Juliana International Airport – St. Martin

Attribution: Getty ImagesPrincess Juliana Airport is located on the island of Sao Martinho, surrounded by Caribbean waters – Istock / Getty Images

Paro Airport – Bhutan

Credito: Getty Images / IstockphotoThere are more than 5,500 meters of peaks around the airport – Revelation

The Paro International Airport, Bhutan ‘s third largest city, seems to be challenging the so-called “land of happiness”. Due to the high complexity of the operation, only a select group of highly trained pilots are allowed to enter or leave the parole. The airport is located at an altitude of over 2,200 m and is situated in a valley near the Himalayas with a peak of over 5,500 m. The landscape is comforting. Landings & Takeoffs …

Bara Airport – Scotland

Credito: Getty Images / IstockphotoBarra Airport, where small planes land on the beach – Revelation

Asphalt airstrip? Nothing! At Bara Airport in Scotland, take off and landing are literally on the beach !!! Pilots need to check weather conditions as well as low tide periods, i.e. when the “track” is not covered by water. Only small private jets can use the world’s only airport to operate on a private beach.

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Corchevel Airport – Alps Frances

Credito: Getty Images / IstockphotoCorchevel Airport in the French Alps – Istock / Getty Images

The legendary Corchevel Ski Resort, one of the billionaires’ strongholds during the Northern Hemisphere’s snow season, is one of the world’s most luxurious and trendy. If the low temperatures in this area do not freeze your spine, landing and takeoff will definitely go by. Despite the “danger,” the view of the snowfall is spectacular.

Kensai International Airport, Osaka – Japan

Credito: Getty Images / IstockphotoAirport on an artificial island in Osaka, Japan – Disclosure

If the lack of “space” in Japan is a constant problem, even the scarcity of this valuable resource could not prevent the construction of Kensai International Airport in Osaka. Built in 1994 on an artificial island with a length of four kilometers and a width, the airport is the largest passenger terminal in the world, 1,700 meters.

Donegal Airport – Ireland

Credito: Getty Images / IstockphotoDonegal Airport is located in the remote and sparsely populated area of ​​Northern Ireland – Disclosure

In the county of Donegal, in the north of Ireland, which is relatively famous for its ecotourism, Donegal Airport offers cinema-worthy landings to passengers. With an airstrip built literally in the middle of “nothing”, you can observe everything as you land: rocks and mountains, golden sandy beaches, clear clear water, and Mount Erigel at your fingertips.

Donegal Airport regularly appears in polls promoting the PrivateFly website.

Aeroporto Komdo Bangda, Tibet

Credito: Getty Images / IstockphotoView of the city of Bangda from the top of the mountain, Basu County (Baxoy), Changdu (Komdo), Tibet, China.

For tourists who collect curious destinations and impress in numbers, the Campo Bangda Airport in Timbuktu offers a number of exciting sizes on the “roof of the world”. It is the second highest airport in the world at an altitude of over 4,300 m above sea level. He also holds the record for the longest runway. They are 5500 m long to ensure that the impact of the height is minimized.

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