7 Mysterious Ancient Manuscripts Still Unsolved

7 Mysterious Ancient Manuscripts Still Unsolved
JakartaAncient manuscripts Successful translation of what was written hundreds of thousands of years ago can reveal a lot about ancient cultures. Unfortunately, not all manuscripts have been successfully discovered by archaeologists.

Some manuscripts have completely amazed archaeologists and other scientists, while others have revealed some very interesting meanings. They are still translated today, from Egyptian books full of magical spells to ancient texts written in unknown languages.

Here are 7 of the most mysterious ancient manuscripts still unresolved, quoted Live Science:

1. Book linen

This ancient book was written on the cloth used to wrap mummies in the Etruscan language spoken in ancient Italy. About 2,200 years old, the mummy and its removed rapper are now in the Zagreb Museum in Croatia.

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Meaning Ancient manuscripts Is not entirely clear, and is classified as a funeral calendar or a ceremonial calendar of antiquity. Unfortunately, this is only an approximation, because scientists have not succeeded in understanding the ancient writings.

2. The Gospel of Mary

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