7 Facts About Higher Education to Motivate You to Study

Thinking about entering university soon? Well, the first thing one must do at the beginning of the journey is preparation, of course! No doubt, knowing how the education system functions and what it offers will surely play into your hands. 

That is why we’ve gathered seven facts about colleges that you should examine before applying. You have probably heard of many of them, but when put together, they will definitely motivate you to learn and realize your full potential!

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You Must Be Active To Get Accepted

The selection criteria for American universities differ from those in other countries. Here, the highest performing applicant can be preferred to the best-motivated one who will bring more value to the school. You can prove your motivation by volunteer work, diplomas, and sports achievements, as well as an outstanding motivation letter.

You Have Time To Decide On A Specialty

Most US universities offer a flexible system of education, allowing students to decide on a specialty for up to two years. Learners who haven’t chosen it can receive undeclared status and are free to study general education subjects for the first two years. During this time, you can also change your specialty (which, however, may extend the time of the study).

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You Can Get Two Diplomas At The Same Time

Getting two diplomas simultaneously? Well, it’s real, but to do this, you need to have good academic performance and obtain special permission. Not to mention a productive mindset and goal setting. In addition to your main profile, you can select an additional one (minor) to broaden your horizons.

For example, studying to be a graphic designer, you can take a minor in business and management, which includes five additional courses. However, you can’t pick up two specialties from the same faculty.

You Must Be Prepared In Advance

Most US universities accept applications for the fall semester in October and November almost a year in advance, which many students are not ready for. Luckily, you can apply for both the fall and spring semesters, so if you are late with the document submission, don’t be discouraged!

Although this rule isn’t convenient, it prepares you for real life, where time management is simply necessary.

You Are To Distribute The Study Load Yourself

You are offered two learning forms:

  • Full-time (12-18 units or 4-6 lessons per week);
  • Part-time (3-9 units or 1-3 lessons per week).

By choosing more lessons per week, one can graduate from college in 3 years instead of 4. And vice versa, by studying two lessons per week, you will graduate in 6 years. Of course, success in load balancing depends on your scheduling skills. Indeed, the university (especially the distance learning we all face) is the best preparation for a future career and its planning challenges.

You Should Know How Valuable Sport Is

An important difference between the American school and any other in the world is its attitude to sports. In the US, it’s a great chance to succeed and combine business with pleasure. In fact, your achievements at the stadium or field make it possible to get into the best universities in the country!

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Traditionally, serious organizations are engaged in sports sections and activities, so many of them are sponsored by large companies. And that’s how businesses choose the most talented and promising students for their sponsorship. 

In universities, sports are developed as much as in schools. Recruiters come to the final games of the season and negotiate with students. Sports scholarships are of two types:

  • Full ride one covers all tuition and living expenses;
  • Partial one covers part of the cost of education, but learners pay for accommodation and meals themselves.

Therefore, if you are a professional athlete, this will definitely help you cover your expenses and benefit the university.

You Can Enter A Fraternity Or Sorority To Get A Lifetime Experience

Speaking of college, it’s impossible not to mention fraternities! Perhaps most college movies relate to special societies, which are often romanticized. Such prestigious organizations have Greek abbreviations, and their members are practically a family. So, let’s study whether it’s true or not.

Student men’s and women’s organizations are associations of learners with similar interests. The main purpose of joining the brotherhood is the opportunity to acquire useful connections. Back in 1776, five students decided to found the Phi Beta Kappa society, where the Greek letters were chosen to distinguish them from others. The aim was to promote excellence and gather the most outstanding students. 

These are closed clubs, and in order to get into them, you need to pass some tests. Of course, they vary, but the most well-known ones include:

  • Public insults;
  • Wearing funny costumes (hot dog, chicken, etc.);
  • Getting the necessary thing in a short time.
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This is required since the older members must ensure the candidate truly wants to get into the brotherhood. In fact, it can be worth it since such a membership helps you make friends for a lifetime. Indeed, after graduation, many fraternity members continue to assist each other by becoming business partners or developing some projects.

By the way, a Gallup study showed that university graduates who were part of such organizations feel happier than those who weren’t. Each of us wants to be a member of a group, and when we are surrounded by people with similar values, we feel comfortable and safe.

To Wrap It Up

We often judge the university by its place in the rankings as well as the departments and disciplines which it offers. But among other advantages of American universities, one can name a bright student life with its amazing traditions and cool extracurricular activities.

Perhaps the best motivation to study is knowing what will happen to you during the learning process! And this is exactly what we have focused on in this article. After all, everyone aims to get the most out of their college years: namely, try something new, make friends and broaden their horizons. And all this will surely be possible – just explore all the ups and downs and have a strategy to follow!

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