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6 Nations 2021. Winners of Ireland, are the Blues a big favorite now?

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6 Nations 2021. What is the strangeness of France XI before the kickoff of the tournament?Winners in Italy and later Ireland, the Blues take a temporary first place at the 2021 6 Nations Tournament. Prior to the first day, France’s 11th win was listed at 3.50 Winamax. The favorite is none other than England, the reigning champion and winner of the Nations Autumn Cup. But then the English lost at home to Scotland. The cards were rearranged between the prognosticators. With a difference of 1.55, France is now more favorable than England, which went from 2 to 4. What about the Grand Slam? England missed all chances on the first day. Only the French and Welsh are still in the race. Here, too, the Blues dominate 3.25 (against 7 at the start of the tournament) 10 odd difference ahead of Wales.DESINTOX.  Is it really that hard to get 6 nations in three trips?DESINTOX. Is it really that hard to get 6 nations in three trips? But are the blues’ favorites yet? They were already half done, winning the day of their two trips. They still have to go to Twickenham to challenge the English who are doing everything to make the French lose their first title in 6 countries since 2010. Not even a Grand Slam. We must not forget that Scots and Welsh people come to St. Denis. From what I have seen so far from XV du Chardon, this is not an easy task.So far we have not revolutionized anything, mind you. We went back to the level we lost a few seasons ago. “ Dimitri Yachvili considers half of France’s XV front wheel through Pauline Rafet Eurosport. You have to go through it. ” What has changed in the blues is the state of mind. “We are standing up now. They are not personalities now, really Collective. You change 5, 6, 7 or 15 players on the field, it doesn’t change the state of mind, it’s remarkable. ”

Send like dogs, be happy with success: Blues' reactions after Ireland - France!Send like dogs, be happy with success: Blues’ reactions after Ireland – France!Yes, there are still big pieces on the road to success or even a Grand Slam. Not everything was as accurate in Italy as in Ireland, especially with a touch of Dublin. Hence, the men of Galti need to continue to work to be superior to others, not content with being good. With destructive acceleration they proved it against the Irish at times. “We still have a lot of guarantees in this match in Ireland. I read some comments, it was not pleasant, we experienced in the first half, but could not easily win in Ireland. From one point, to two points, this is still a win. Ten years after we won, it’s not for nothing, yes, I think this team is now gone to win the tournament or win the Grand Slam. As a reminder, the Blues have never achieved this feat in a strange year.

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