6 filters you can use

6 filters you can use

Learn how to use Google Drive filters to easily find your information

Google Drive is one of them The best tools for managing and storing Internet files. This platform Google offers up to 15 GB of storage capacity in its free versionPlus, it allows you to buy more space, and we’re leaving you here Prices and how to buy more GB in Google Drive. This makes it a very useful tool for saving information, however, this large storage capacity means that we have a large number of files with different themes or uses, without a defined order, which makes it difficult to search for a particular file. . So, we will talk 6 best filters You can use it to make things easier.

What are Google Drive Filters?

They are tools to limit the possibilities of a search Within Google Drive, each has a specific purpose that allows us to find suspicious information.

The best filters to search in Google Drive

To access these filters, if you are from a computer, you must click on 3 lines in the search bar, which will show you several options for filtering your search:

It is important to know that All these options are available from the mobile appOnly that they are presented in a different way.


File type filter in Google Drive

Filter that allows you to sort by file type

This search filter plays a major role in weight training Allows you to distinguish between any type of fileFrom spreadsheets, photos, videos, pictures and PDF files.

To search by file type from PC, you must first click on Search Options, which are located in the same field as Search Drive. You are displaying a list of factors called types, Will show you all the options available to you there. You need to click on the search bar from the mobile and then move it from right to left to display different types of files that you can see.


Google Drive Owner Filter

Select a file according to its owner

You can get results faster with these people’s search filters because it allows you to search based on who owns or created the file. Users who use Google Drive for work, or who often receive files from other people, The amount of information may vary depending on the sender.

To search by computer owner, you need to go to the search options and display the full list to select the one that best suits your needs. There you can choose from: any person, I am the owner, I am the owner and not a specific person, depending on the file you select and press the search button.

In the case of mobile, you just need to position yourself in the automatic search area You get the avatars of everyone who shared files with you.

Contains words

In this option You must add one or more words that you remember to the file you want to find. Try to use words that are hard to find in other files for best results. Like the rest of the filters in this list, you must enter search options to access it.


Google Drive Location Filter

Select one or more files depending on where they are stored

Because Google Drive has certain locations or directories similar to those on your PC, you can use this section to accurately define where the file is stored.

To search by location you must go to that option and select one of these: Any, my unit, shared with me.

Date of modification

Google Drive Date Filter

Sort files by date they were created or modified

This is the most familiar search filter for most users, with which you can define and find files. Date they were created or last edited.

Users can create custom date ranges or choose from certain time frames: today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.

And shared with

As the name implies, You must enter the name or email of the person sharing the file This way you will get everything you want to find and work with that person. If you have a lot of files shared with someone else, you may need to use another filter.

That’s the best thing about all Google Drive filters You can combine several to get a more accurate result, For example, select the file type, filter the date it was modified with a word that you are sure is in the file. It is also important to note that not all the information you want to save is allowed in Google Drive, for some reason Use policies that you must respectIf you do not wish to delete your information.

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