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6 countries. Finn Russell (Scotland) Video Gog Attempt Against Ireland [VIDEO]

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Scotland opener Finn Russell completes the attempt against Ireland.

“Dirty attempts” happen to mark everyone in a career. If the Scottish opener Finn Russell Instead he is a magician Rugby, It is clear that he found himself in a conclusion this Sunday, March 14th Completely fun test FacingIreland.

Irish ball found in 40m, Gary Ringross Opposed it Stuart Hogg He was following the ball on foot. He turned to face him, thus enabling him to escape Hugo Keenan. After another kick to follow, Finn Russell The first on the ball, the tackle fell from it Rob Herring, And took advantage of an abnormality James Lowe Go to In-Goal and register your own attempt.

The video gag show is an undeniable achievement.

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