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6 Countries 2021. Irish ‘In the Iyer’ against Scotland

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Ireland is in the air

We have always wondered why Ireland did not give birth to great sailors. Although the English and French neighbors colonized the world’s oceans, the island did not contribute to the genius of the sea. No, people in Ireland have their eyes fixed on the sky. Perhaps their faith in God stems from this love from heaven. Or the fear of another flood. I can only see this explanation to understand the love of Irish rugby players for the fight from heaven. This afternoon Irish kicking and candle lighting were played.6 nations 2021. After the first half of the Purification Ireland dominated Scotland [VIDÉO]Their strategy was very simple: line up with a pass to play time, and then activate a large candle, hoping to win the fight fighting on the landing. For the most part, these aerial duels were won by the Irish. At best, it was an Irish recovery; Worst of all, Scotsman locked the ground and awarded the Irish a penalty. How many penalties were scored on the ground following the candle? How many midday battles did Keenano Henshaw win? How many kicks in the Gibson-Park box? It should be noted that this Gibson-Park, half of the Irish cycle, came to Murrayfield instead of Murray. We logically thought the stadium was Murray’s garden, and Gibson’s park was where his place was dug.

Let’s also talk about the key, another springboard to the sky. Irish domination was also important here. So get in and jump in the air, this is the XV strategy of clubs. This seems to be a lucrative strategy after they win this match. Guess how the two Irish experiments came about? One is through the air fight, the other is selective.

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Henshow should continue

Johnny Sexton sent a big cross for the Earls, who jumped the winger and Scottish fullback on the first try. The ball falls without a winner in the in-goal and falls behind at the mercy of the first comer. Henshaw, who was passing by, was sitting on his hind legs in front of the hog. Overall, we recognize Robbie Henshaw’s excellent performance in stacking the balls and scoring all his aerial duels, and is still flawless on defense.

Morality in Bayer

Renewal of an Irish player can only take place if the current player is too old to play and placed on an EHPad. The use of pacemakers and hip prostheses is not banned from playing for the national team, and Sexton is scheduled for the 2045 World Cup, if he still remembers his name. So we are always a little surprised when we see new green faces. Bayern is one of the newcomers we know and hate for the next 30 years. He comes to the conclusion of a green activity with the classic Pick and Go. Helmet forward, Bain allowed the Irish to cross the border and advance.

Farlong the tight walker

Finally, the Irishman who won the best hook of the competition was 134kg furlong on the scale. Two interior hooks that avoid the two Scottish defenders who are surprised at this dance step. Surprisingly, seismologists in Edinburgh noticed two strange earthquakes and the sudden intensity: “Tag! Tag!”6 nations 2021. Small circumference, Tadg Furlong pillar leaves everyone [VIDÉO]6 nations 2021. Small circumference, Tadg Furlong pillar leaves everyone [VIDÉO]

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Best Russell

The Irish had to deal with one of the 1000 kicks they tried. The Scots exaggerate the character by blocking 4 times in the same action and making all the positive returns. A pinball style that makes Russell smile is well suited to anyone who loves this kind of mess test.

Hu Huu Jones

Where did Hugh Jones go? The man who did the miracles against the English a few seasons ago has completely disappeared from the shelves. Two Sabbaths to go around the world, but Kovid is there. Forced to return to the country, Jones resumed service and returned to the field as a replacement. In an offensive attack, Lowe was knocked down in the tackle, hooked the last defender, and the Scots made a great effort to allow him to return to the game.

Macron sponsors

Emmanuel is not one of the greatest environmental scientists. His fight against the Greens is political and motivates Scott to sponsor. So we see his name in the heart of the Scottish jersey. He is definitely for an ecological community and does not want to go back to the time of the Amish. The tackle did not adjust third-row Hamish Watson, who looked injured. He said one thing to show Macron that an oil lamp was not lit but that there was natural gas in his legs. Hamish Watson, who handled everywhere, tried to allow Irish equality to return.

End of match

At the last minute, the Irish made an attempt to recover the last ball of the Scottish camp. The referee whistles a penalty for failing to convert Sexton. Ireland won 27-24. To be more precise than the opponent, the club remain unbeaten against the Scottish bushes. Next week, the Irish will host an English match for a Daggers draw. As for the Scots, they are going to walk against Italy.

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