500 Russian planes ‘may be lost forever’

500 Russian planes 'may be lost forever'

According to international sanctions imposed on Russia, Western companies leasing aircraft from Russian airlines have until March 28 to collect them. But, given the context, they fear they will never be seen again.

“Unprecedented economic sanctions seem to be weighing heavily on the Russian economy Ruble collapses, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Boeing pull out, companies in trouble Brought back National Public Radio (NPR) In an article published on its website. Russian airlines are not excluded, and their revenue can be seen to be drying up very quickly.

But there is another big problem, the American media underscores. Most of the aircraft acquired by these companies were leased to Western companies. Believe now New York Times Vitaly Gusha, professor at the American Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; “The general consensus is that they can not recover them.”.

523 devices that can never be recovered

As of March 10, 523 aircraft had been leased to non-Russian airlines by Russian airlines, according to data compiled by consulting firm IBA. “Leasing companies seize two or three Russian planes in foreign cities, leaving them with assets worth $ 12-15 billion in legal uncertainty.”Reports The Financial Times.

Under sanctions adopted by the European Union, for example, Ireland-based leasing companies have until March 28 to recover their flights, the statement said. New York Times. “But the national carrier Aeroflot and others have already brought it back


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