50 lakhs through 50 missed calls! 50 lakhs disappear from bank in 95 minutes by skipping OTP SCSG scammed Rs 50 lakhs through miss call 91

50 Miss calls

Shocking incident of security company director extorting 50 lakhs online in Delhi. The interesting thing is that this ganda is made only with the help of Miss Cole and Black Cole. Information is coming out that the victim of the scam has not even shared the OTP.

The victim received several consecutive calls between 7 and 9.50 pm two days ago. This person took the first few calls. But the next call was not taken as no one spoke from the front. Then when the person checked the phone, he saw a notification that Rs 50 lakh had been transferred from the account through RTGS, according to a report given by ‘Times of India’.

According to preliminary investigation, Rs 12 lakh of this was transferred to the account of a person named Bhaskar Mandal. Four hundred and sixty thousand rupees have been transferred to the account of a person named Avajit Giri. Similarly, two transactions of Rs.10 lakh each were made in another unknown account. Similarly, many other transactions of small amounts took place during these 95 minutes. The police are also confused in this case.

The initial investigation by the police concluded that this type of fraud was committed from Jamatra in Jharkhand. It is also estimated that the accounts to which the money was transferred were not even aware of this. It is also speculated that for some reason these account holders may have given their account details to the fraudster and temporarily diverted money from it to other accounts.

According to sources, this is the biggest scam in Delhi and surrounding areas through phone calls this year. Banks have limits on transactions, so this method usually involves small-scale fraud. But in this case, the victim had a current account and the cyber thieves stole a huge amount of money. But it is surprising that such a big deal was done on the basis of just one call.

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The police said that the cyber thieves may have used the ‘SIM swap’ technique to carry out the theft. In this, cyber thieves exploit flaws in the two-step authentication method. Usually in such a way, two-step verification is technically intercepted in a message or call. This means that the account holder can only receive calls or messages, but has no control over transactions.

The police also do not rule out the possibility that the parallel liver OTP was hacked and used for this theft. The police said that the investigation is progressing from phone hacking to other parts.

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