5 Ways to Go to the Beach When You’m in Dublin!

5 Ways to Go to the Beach When You'm in Dublin!

What about exploring coastal villages around the Irish capital?

When one visits Ireland in the summer, many travelers choose Dublin, its museums, its active districts, and its extraordinary culture. But when the sun comes up, the temptation to drown is great. Dublin’s geographical location is ideal: the capital is located close to beautiful seaside villages and is easily accessible by DART (a type of Parisian RER). do you like it? Come and follow us: we will explore the possibilities with you!


Aerial view of Malahide harbor – © Lucian

Malahide is one of the best coastal villages to visit. Many people in Dublin take refuge there on weekends, in the afternoons, to enjoy the beaches, the castle and the park.

It should be noted that it takes less than 30 minutes to connect Dublin City Center with Malahide. A short and comfortable journey will allow you to find yourself with one finger in a wild and beautiful setting, far away from the hustle and bustle of the Irish capital.

In the program, an ultra-tourist medieval castle, the best sandy beach for swimming… colorful Irish pubs, local kara stores and shala stores are perfect for a shopping spree!

To get there:

Take the DART, North Line. Malahide is the last station.


Head of House - © Evgeny

Head of House – © Evgeny

Coastal landscape enthusiasts will love Houth. It is a small seaside village very popular among Dubliners. They literally fall in love with the wild beauty of its peninsula, the lighthouse, and the hiking through the ocean. Special mention for the small island of Ireland, not far from How How: It offers many possibilities for excursions and swimming.

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Enough to enjoy while breathing fresh air!

To get there:

DART, take the north-east line. Houth is the last stop.

Dunn Logier

Dunn Logier - Sunfreeze

Dunn Logier – Sunfreeze

If you want to head south to Dublin the village of Dun Logier is a great place to explore. The village is located at a height of 40 feet, 11 km from Dublin. This is a promontory located at the southern end of Dublin Bay. In the summer, as in winter (during the famous Ice Christmas swim), people in Dublin go for a swim. Forty feet is the ideal place to dive. Strong sensations guaranteed!

Among other possible activities, Dunn Lohier has a Victorian kiosk, a nice park (People’s Park), stunning museums and great ice cream parlors, perfect for enjoying an ice cream in the summer!

And Aller:

Take the south line of the DART.


Dalky et al son Irish Pub the Queens

Dalky et al son Irish Pub the Queens

Dalki Village is one of the must visit places. This Bon-Chick Bon-tribe, a small bourgeois village is a haven of peace and tranquility.

Situated 40 minutes from Dartin DART, this small paradise is famous for its medieval castle, Dalki Island, and the welcoming and colorful atmosphere of the busy streets.

Note that this area has attracted many world stars. Of them, Matt Damon, Bono, Enya and Van Morrison have already lived here (some of them even have a house there).

To get there:

Take the south line Bray / Greystone You are DART.


Bray - © David Sonnes

Bray – © David Sonnes

Bray is the last stop on the south line Bray / Greystone. This allows you to change the village area to the north of County Wicklow. The place is great to find.

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In the program, a large beach, attractive mountains suitable for hiking, interesting and dynamic neighborhoods, interesting Irish pubs and welcoming restaurants. The village is beautiful and charming. So much for “Irish Brighton!” , Referring to the British seaside town.

And Aller:

DART, Take the south line Bray / Greystone

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