5 Top Must-Have Xiaomi Products in 2021

If there’s one brand that has outdone itself time and time over, it’s Xiaomi. Not just for phones and electronics, they have branched out in other niches too, offering users a range of products to choose from. For the users who like to try out new products for their home or personal use, we’d suggest you take a look through all the best products that we have sorted out for you to check.


Keep in mind that Xiaomi is consistently upgrading its product list, adding more and more products every year. This list consists of some of the best ones you likely didn’t know of.


Mijia Smart Steamer Oven


Who would’ve thought, right? Well, this steamer oven is one of a kind and something that will perpetually improve your cooking skills to no end. The 1200W high-power evaporator inside the oven can seamlessly create dense steam that can cook your food in a few minutes without any issues. Also, the 30L capacity comes in pretty handy when you are trying to cook in bulk.


NEX 2 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Not just for your kitchen, Xiaomi has something for the rest of your home too. This cordless vacuum cleaner is one of a kind that has taken the market up by a storm. Aside from the sleek and contemporary design, this multipurpose cleaner is also perfect for a comfortable round of cleaning without straining your back. The futuristic design and functions of this vacuum can provide up to 70 minutes of run time on a single charge.


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Bedside LED Lamp 2


If you are on the lookout for a high-quality lamp to add to your home, Xiaomi has got you covered on that front as well. This LED lamp is bright but isn’t too vibrant to cause discomfort. It features colorful RGB light emission with wider coverage to fill your entire bedroom in a soft glow. Also, the functions of this lamp can be synced with your gaming system so it changes the colors accordingly.


Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier and Repeater


Another good quality product from Xiaomi that is worth considering is their wifi connector. If you are likely looking for a device with larger bandwidth and lag-free internet, this can effectively take care of that for you. It is fitted with two high-power antennas for seamless transmission without any interruptions and buffering.


Wireless IP Security Camera


Last on the list is for the security of your home and surroundings. This wireless IP security camera is everything you need to keep yourself and your home safe from intruders. It is fitted with a 1080p HD resolution camera that can particularly detect motions and prevents the risks of false alarms. Also, the functions are highly subjective and customizable, giving you complete reign over its usage.


If you are planning on investing in new home items, we hope this list of the best Xiaomi products is worth looking into. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the indispensable products from the brand. There are a lot more than you can unfurl.

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