5 Series to Travel Without Moving From Your Couch — Just About TV

5 Series to Travel Without Moving From Your Couch — Just About TV

Traveling in series? It is possible. We’ve put together a line-up of five series for you to set sail and explore the world! Are we climbing?

© Channel 4 / Derry Girls

For the first trip, we will not spare you! And this comedy series Feel good Wanted is an Irish candy And so the 90s Also the accent to cut with a knife. In fact, we travel in time and space to the small town of Derry in Northern Ireland. There you will find all the charm of small towns with a great line-up of schoolgirls turning the school upside down. Laughter guaranteed!

Are we crossing the line? Netflix is ​​driving.

Kanyaka Nadi series shooting locations
© Netflix / Virgin River

It’s still too hot for our taste… and for you? Very well, we meet in the Virgin River! If the small remote town is in California, the freshness of the forest and the Great Lakes will make you feel out of place. For those who love beautiful mountains and love stories, it makes you want to grab a plaid and your favorite hot drink.

Is your backpack ready? Netflix awaits you with your hiking poles.

Men in Kilts Outlander Scotland Travel
© Stars / Men in Kilts

We could offer you Outlander For a historical or romantic visit to Scotland, but we’re going to cheat a little to tell you Men in kilts, a series with two lead actors. In this multi-episode documentary, you set out on the roads, sometimes by motorbike, sometimes by van, even by boat, to discover two beloved big companions deep in Scotland and the Highlands.

Brief stop on the Starz channel for the United States and Great BritainYou will have to wait a little longer to set foot in France.

Outer Banks Filming Location Traveling Series
© Netflix / Outer Banks

Want to spend some time on the water? No, we are not taking you to Florida or California, but to North Carolina, on the “Outer Banks”, a strip of sand that stretches for over 320 km! If you like islands, teen dramas and mysterious disappearances, look no further.

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Shall we anchor? Netflix is ​​already waiting for you on board.

Sense 8 Travel Roadtrop filming location
© Netflix / Sense8

It would be impossible to complete this selection without mentioning this little gem that was dropped too soon: Sense8 And his two near-perfect seasons. Under its sci-fi premise, the series is about love, self-acceptance, and the freedom to live and travel. From one scene to another, you follow the main characters sometimes in Germany, sometimes in India, through Iceland, the United States, Mexico or Korea! Enough to fulfill all your desires. Go for it!

when are we going Find Netflix for your boarding pass.

This is the end of our journey! At least, for this year. Have you ever visited one of our destinations? What was the last series you traveled on? Tell us in the comments!

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