5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Car Accident Attorney

Many people believe a car accident will never happen to them. They go all their lives without ever seeing one in person, so that makes sense. However, with 6 million auto accidents every year, there’s a chance that it might happen to you.

The question is, what happens when your insurance company doesn’t play ball with your auto claim, and you need help settling your case? You can’t afford to make the wrong choice when selecting a car accident attorney to help. Keep reading to learn five questions to ask a lawyer before hiring them.

  1. How Long Will My Case Take?

Some people expect their car accident lawsuit to be open and shut. They expect their attorney to strongarm the insurance company and get the settlement they need. Unfortunately, not all cases are that simple.

You need to get a better idea about what it will take to win your case. The best car accident lawyer will be upfront with you about the length of your case.

  1. How Will You Charge Me?

The last thing you want is to hire a lawyer at an hourly rate for an accident case that will take months to resolve. You might end up paying more in lawyer fees than you get from your accident settlement.

Ask your car accident attorney for a flat rate fee or contingency for your case. Both of these options will make sure you don’t end up with an unexpected bill you can’t pay when you settle your case.

  1. Will You Handle My Case Personally?

Many law firms use specific attorneys as the face of the firm. They’ll meet with you on your initial visit to answer your questions and try to sell you. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be the person who handles your case.

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When you meet with your car accident attorney, you need to find out who will be handling the case. Will it be their partner or a paralegal? Ask to meet with them as well, so you can determine if a firm will assign you a reputable caseworker.

  1. Do You Have Any References?

One of the best ways to determine if you’ll like a lawyer is to ask for a list of references. If you’re specifically looking for a car accident attorney, ask to speak with their past car accident clients and find out how they felt about working with that firm.

You won’t always get the full picture about what it’s like to work with an attorney when you speak with them one time. Talking to past clients will give you a better picture.

  1. Do You Specialize in Car Accidents?

What kind of experience does your potential car accident attorney have? Are they general practitioners, or do they only work on auto accident cases? While not all attorneys who handle car accidents will have their own dedicated area, most will specialize in this type of case.

If you work with an attorney with little car accident experience, there’s a chance that they might miss a minor detail. A firm like Sweet Lawyers that has car accident specialists will make sure that doesn’t happen.

A Great Car Accident Attorney Will Make a Difference

The legal complex is complex and not easily navigated by people who aren’t familiar with the law. Finding the best car accident attorney for your case will be the difference between winning and losing. Ask the questions above to find the right car accident attorney for the job.

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