5 natural and economical tips to whiten laundry

5 natural and economical tips to whiten laundry

Generally, to whiten your laundry, you use suitable household appliances. If they are qualified to work effectively, they are harmful to the environment (and sometimes even our skin). We offer you 5 natural alternatives for successful, environmental and economic whitening.

baking soda

We will no longer present the benefits of this “miracle” powder. It is essential to have baking soda in your closet that is useful in the garden, home and even in the kitchen. The good news is that it is also effective in whitening clothes.

How to use it? To recover all the whiteness of your clothes, pour two cups of white powder in the washing machine. Also, know that you can do this with colored clothes and do not hesitate to update the function. [1]

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This citrus fruit is especially known for its whitening action. Some people use it for destructive smiles (but be careful, this gesture can cause erosion of your tooth enamel), while others use it to whiten their laundry. This is the last strategy we are interested in. This is because lemon naturally adds aroma to our clothes and revives their whiteness.

How to use it? To whiten the laundry, add lemon juice to the detergent drawer or put the washers directly into the washing machine. [2]

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White vinegar

Another thing you should have on your shelf: white vinegar. In addition to disinfecting, deodorizing and degreasing our home, this eco-friendly and economical product is ideal for laundry whitening. Another good news is that it softens clothes naturally.

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How to use it? Mix a cup of vinegar for this Turn your laundry white and turn on your washing machine. [3]

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Marseille Soap

Marseille Soap is another household companion to have at home. Regardless of its appearance (liquid, shavings or cubes), this eco-friendly product makes it possible to thoroughly clean the covered areas of our interior. But not only this, it also helps in whitening the stained or yellowish laundry.

How to use it? Here, you do not need to turn on your washing machine. Take a tray, pour hot water and soap your clothes with Marseille soap. Let stand 1 hour. To finish, rub by hand, wash and dry, you are done. [4]

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Hydrogen peroxide

Also known as hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide is a natural compound useful for bleaching stained or yellow stains (even to remove bleach stains from colored fabrics).

How to use it? Dip one foot into warm paraffin 3 times, pausing between layers to allow them to dry. Soak for hours, rinse, and machine wash. [5]

There you go, you know how to whiten your laundry without industrial products. Did you like this article? We offer you 5 amazing tips for smoothing your clothes quickly.

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